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Itching! itching! itching!

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with itching. Let me be more specific - yes, my belly itches and yes, my boobies itch, but lately my legs have been itching like crazy!!!  and in trun driving me mad!!!  Does anyone elses legs itch?  I'm just wondering if its pregnancy related or what.  I don't have a rash or anything, and I try to keep them shaved and lotioned, but sometimes its as though nothing helps!  Anyone else?
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That really *****, only my belly and boobs itch, not much of anything else but they do itch a lot.
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I have been scratching for a while now cause everything itches, but mostly legs, boobs and belly.

It must be normal
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My legs have been itching since I was about 16 weeks pregnant so bad that I even went as far as taking my pants off while in the car because they itched so bad and I couldn't scratch them hard enough through my pants lol.
The itching is caused by increased amounts of estrogen.

Make sure you are slathering that lotion on right when you get out of the shower, it will help a little, you could also try oatmeal baths.
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its from the pregnancy i went like that with my 1st child but my whole body was itching and i never got much sleep so the doctor had to give me somme pills to take the itching away but it was only in my last  few weeks so talk to your doctor about it
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I too would ask your dr.  There is no reason to be miserable if they can give you something that helps :)
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go and ask ur doc for liver function test. there must be some problem in liver-liver inflamation etc. i m 37 weeks pregnant and my body ithches really bad. my doc has given me actibile 300 which has helped me a lot. the itching on boobs and belly is due to the swelling but the itchin all over ur body or legs means liver problem which is common during pregnancy.
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i had a very similar problem.  turned out i had something called cholosatais of pregnancy.  it has to do with the bile in your system.  my doctor had to give me a presc. for it.
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I had a skin condition due to the pregnancy and had to be induced at the end because it was intolerable and nothing worked, not even cortisone. It week 4 weeks post-partum and then came back at 6 weeks post partum and has been gone since 2 weeks when I went to see my GP! But she is checking my liver enzymes as my midwife thinks it is the liver. But I am really dizzy which is more of a worry that I have at the moment. Perhaps I'm anaemic again, but then again 90/60 BP was always normal but this time it feels different.
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Hello, I have been itching for 3 years now and its not getting any better. I have been on estrogen since I was 29 and seeking helpful advice on whether its the estrogen or something else. Seems as though I am allergic to medicines now, even over the counter to which I was never allergic before. I take benedryl everyday 3 times a day. This is crazy. My eyes will burn and itch and body itches...on my back and chest
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