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JT took his first steps yesterday!!!

So yesterday I was showing dh that JT could stand by himself for a longer period of time since he missed him doing it the day before. When I helped JT get his balance and let him go dh held his hand out to him and to the shock of me and dh JT took 3 steps to him so he could grab his hand. I am still in a state of shock especially since JT gave us every sign of not wanting to be left on his on to stand or walk. Is it possible he didn't realize what he was doing? He hasn't done it since last night and we haven't tried to see if he would do it again, I hope he'll do it again so I can catch it on video.
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Tasia, I am so happy for JT, pretty sure he will continue doing so, this is the beginning of long walks with your LO. Kind of the same thing happened to us yesterday while we were at gymboree classes, James let go off my hnad and took couple steps by himself but fell right on his butt when he realized what he was doing. I think all our babes are getting ready for the next milestone. Time is flying ladies.
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Maria, time really is flying! Go James! So James is in gymboree that is so cute! I wonder how many more babies have started to or are showing signs of walking.
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Whoo hoo! Go James Go!
Jack has learned to scale things, so he'll walk all around the living room so long as he's holding onto an ottoman, chair back, bookshelf, my leg! Ha Ha. I have seen little moments where Jack will be at one thing (ie, the ottoman) and turn around and see his standing Leap Frog piano/play center. He'll eye it for a minute and then reach his arms out, with his tips of his fingers still on the ottoman he'll make a few steps and sorta quickly land with his hands on the piano! I don't count it as walking but it is GREAT PRACTICE and well, sorta walking :). We also got this little walking thing at Ikea. It's a cheap little blue cart with a handle and wheels and he can hold onto that and walk too, only the cart is empty and light, and it'll tip over, so we have to be really careful! I think within a couple months he'll be really rolling!

I cannot believe our little guys and gals are growing up so quickly and learning to walk! It is a lot of fun, but a little sad too!!! I was putting Jack's 6-9 month old clothes away (he no longer fits in them at all ... we stretched them as far as we could HA HA) and I was a little sad looking into the box at all the outgrown little outfits. But then I looked at him laughing and playing and thought, man, now this is the time of my life. Seeing him play and interact. I love it!
Hope you guys are having a blast! I know you are: ).
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Yay!!!!!  That is sooo exciting!  Cash too is cruising around holding onto things and will stand alone for a few seconds (until he realizes it and falls on his butt! LOL!).  It won't be long we will go from chasing crawlers and cruisers to running after walkers!!
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Time has gone by so quickly, our babies are going to be a year old in a couple of months! I remember when we all first came to the July 09 babies forum all the way to when we all had our babies. It is just amazing! I am so glad I had all of you ladies through the whole process! :-D
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Hi ladies -

I have not been on this site in FOREVER! But I randomly just decided to check in.  Olivia is 10 months old  (today) and she is walking!! She still crawls a lot but prefers to pull her self up to a chair or table and will then walk to the other side of the room until she reaches the wall.  She is still unstable and falls all the time but she definitely has an interest in walking rather than crawling.  My son didn't walk until 14 months, so this is early for me!

I cant believe how quickly this first year is flying by.  Good see you all and your babies are doing well!!

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Congrats to JT! That is so exciting!

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Thanks AP it sure is exciting!
Kc1021- Yay!!! She is really early! That is great!
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Yay congrats!!!
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Thanks Zazou!
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we are still taking some small steps but nothing alone yet.
Tasia- how is JT doing?

I heard that girls usually walk faster than boys.
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Go James!!!
JT still hasn't just stood up on his own to start walking but he will grab things so he can stand and let go and start walking. If I stand him up and let go he will also start to walk. I think the most steps he has taken before falling is about 10 steps maybe more. I haven't exactly counted. But it can be nerve racking for me. I don't want him to fall and hurt himself. Any other babies walking?
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yeahhh JT, pretty soon they will all be running everywhere. Is so much fun seeing our LO growing up so fast.
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Yup can't wait for his birthday party 3 weeks away!!! Oh and I counted his steps the other day when I had him going in circles to see how many steps he would take before falling and it was 30 exactly I was way off, lol.
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