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Jack is getting tubes tomorrow.

Wish us luck! Jack is getting tubes in his ears tomorrow. He has had recurrent ear infections since late October. He saw an ENT last week and they said he is all filled up with fluid behind the ears and probably can't hear very well - like walking around with fingers in your ears all day. Muffled, I guess.
We have to be at the surgery center tomorrow at 7 a.m. I am nervous but I know it'll be a cinch and he will hear much better and be a happier, healthier little baby!
Anyone have experience with tubes? Reassurance!? Warnings!?
xo, Heather
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Sorry no experience with tubes but I just wanted to say good luck to Jack, I will be praying for him.
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everything will be fine!  My youngest son had them and it was great not dealing with medications and dr visit like before.
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No experience with it...sorry...but wishing Jack all the best!
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I have had tubes in my ears my whole life.  I started off with the ones they put in for a little while and then I had trouble with my ears, So i have had two sets of permamnent tubes put into my ears.  They do not hurt, and you don't know they are there.  He will have so much relief, just keep on eye on getting water into his ears, because sometimes it really hurts after you get the tubes put in :)
Your little man will be fine!
*Hugs to him*
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Hey girl... No experience.... But I wanted to wish Little Jack best of luck, and I'll be praying for his recovery...!!! Please keep me updated on how lil guy did.
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Thanks guys. Jack did GREAT with his tube surgery. He was in and out within 45 minutes. Worst part was he had some blood in his ears afterward and it bothered me, but didn't seem to phase Jack! I can tell he can hear things from other rooms better already - like when DH is talking to me from the first floor or from another room, Jack turns his head in the direction of his voice. He used to never do that. Also, the ENT said the fluid is Jack's ears was like glue and would have never drained on its own. So, I'm so glad we did this! thanks again for all the well wishes. they worked!
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So glad everything worked out!!!
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I glad and happy everything went well. Is nice ot hear he is doing well. Nice thing that the docs decided to intervene right away, poor little Jackk having to deal with his ears all plugged. Now he can go back and be happy as a clam and pretty much free of future ear infections, yeahhhh.
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Hope everything will be fine in the long run. Babies have much more strength then we think they do. great to hear hes doing well :-)
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How is Jack doing? I had horrible ears as a child I was in and out getting tubes and my tonsils removed and adnoids..Yuck! Poor lil guy. How are you doing?
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hw is Jack doing, pretty sur eby now he is jumping and wiggling everywhere again.
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