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Making your own baby food

This was mentioned on another post, but I thought I'd start a new thread on it...
I am very interested in making at least some of Cooper's food.  Never really did it before and want to try it.  I've got the little containers to freeze it in.  So far, I have just done carrots; boiled them and pureed them in the blender.  Three carrots made about 8 servings.  I am planning to make some apples for him this weekend.

My question is, Who has made their own baby food?  What kind?  And, most importnantly, how?  

I don't think a blender was the most effecient way, either, since it was hard to get all the food out.  Any other ideas??

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I make my own food, I'm overly cautious with preservatives and hidden sugars which are in alot of baby products. I talked with a friend of mine whose Mum is a dietician which made me even more weary.

I steam everything. I have steamed carrots, potato, zucchini, pumpkin (squash). Usually after I steam them I use the natural juices left over and add that to the veggies and puree them. I find freezing the pureed food in ice cube trays better. I take them out, put them in a plastic bag and date them (should use them no longer than 8 weeks following preparation). I have a hand blender from Braun (Multiquick). Absolutely the best. Oh yeah and potato is hard to steam, when you puree it, it becomes a bit gooey in texture, so I add some water or breast milk. You can even add formula.

With bananas, I use them fresh and just mash them with a fork. You can steam pretty much everything and freeze most fruit and veggies. Bananas are not that great to freeze. Apples and pears can also be steamed, pureed and frozen (although with pears you might get some discolouration). I will start Medina on pears soon, she eats apple and banana together.

What I do is e.g. one day Medina eats 1 cube of zucchini, 1 cube potato, 1 cube carrot; another day 2 cubes carrot, I cube zucchini or potato; another day 1 cube potato, 1 cube zucchini; 1 cube pumpkin (squash), 1 cube carrot, 1 cube potato.....etc

That's the great thing about freezing them in ice cubes as you can mix the combinations.

Hope that helped a bit. Just have a look on the internet for homemade baby foods. There is alot of information. This link is quite good with heaps of tips:


Have fun!!
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Thanks!  My Dad sent me a baby blender and a book about how to make the food I just haven't done it yet, but I need to.  Thanks for the tips!
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So far James has only had cereal but I am planning in making my own food. I went to Williams and Sonoma and bought a baby food maker called Beaba, it is the best ever, it cooks, thaw, reheats, steams and blenderizes the baby food in just one appliance instead of using different pots and a blender separated.
I think is the best of all, it cost around 149.99 but it well worth the price, all you have to do is chop the fruits, vegetables or anything else you want to feed your child and it sill be ready withing few minutes, you can freeze them too and when ready just get it out and toss it on the appliance and it will thaw it and reheat within minutes as well.
It also come with some recipes, I also bought a baby food book on organic foods.
Go ahead and look it online you will love it.  I love it myself.
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Thanks for the comments!  The Beaba sounds great, I think I'll try it!
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I'm thinking gof trying it as well.  I'm shopping around for the best price online though.  I've made a few things in the blender so far.  I'm working outside of the home fulltime so I'm thinking of preparing it on weekends and then freezing it so my MIL can use it during the week.
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