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Mummy weight gain/loss question

I gained 20kilos/44lbs when pregnant with Lilly. I have lost that now and some. I am continung to loose weight but would like to start TTC. I am loosing weight by eating healthily and exercising. I am still considered as "heavily overweight" and would like to loose some more weight as ordered by the dr. I had alot of pregnancy troubles during the end due to my weight.

My question is...how can i prevent putting on so much weight with my next pregnancy?

I don't want to diet or do anything bad for my next baby but being as heavy as i was with lilly is not healthy for me or my next baby. I wanted to start TTC before now but have needed to loose weight. i really don't want to wait another six months for me to loose another 10kilos.  Any suggestions would be appreciated? Would like to hear your weight story too.
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Hey I was 127lbs when I got pg w Jeremy and the last time I had a weight chk right before I delivered him I was 210 lbs. I'm now at 146. I work out 5-7 times a week wether it's in the gym or out for walks w Jeremy. I try to watch what I eat as far as junk food etc. I eat 3 meals a day w some snacks I do have chocolate here and there or maybe a slice of pizza but all in moderation. I'm in the same pants I wore at 127 I now have muscle tone which I didn't have before. I have chosen to lift weights too. I feel better than ever. I have worked my butt off to lose this weight but honestly I had my older 3 in 3 yrs my oldest is 8 and then 7 and 6 and honestly I didn't  bother losing weight. After my 3rd I did it took alot longer than it has now! I think it honestly depends on your body. Mine for whatever reason just remembers where it was before Jeremy. Just doing some excercise here and there is good too! Good luck and congrats on paving the road for another lo! How exciting!

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Hey ladies,

I guess i will just continue losing weight until i do fall pregnant then i will just eat healthily and hope i don't get that big again. I really am not having trouble losing weight now but i just don't want to wait another 6 months to loose all that i should before TTC again. Lilly took so long to get that i dont want her to be 10 when i end up having another LOL

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I'm not a good one to ask either, but I wanted to say that I think it is largely genetic.  I went right back to pre-preggo weight without really trying (I know that's not what you need to hear nor is it encourageing).  But, with all that said, I wanted to post to let you know that my best friend lost some weight in order to ttc and used weight watchers (the points system) and it worked wonderfully and pretty fast too.  Good luck girly!!
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I gained 15 kgs (33lbs) but I guess I'm not the best person to help you here I weigh 51 kgs (112 lbs) now, which is less than when I became pregnant (53 kg).

I must admit genetics do play a role, and some people lose weight more slowly than others. When I'm stressed I lose weight, I can't recommend that to anyone. Plus Medina is so incredibly actiove, she keeps me on my toes, so that's my excercise. Why don't you take her in the stroller and go for a power walk with her in the park? She will love it and it will do you also some good.

My SIL is losing weight to become pregnant. She has lost at least 20 kgs since the end of last year and now she has a regular period and will start TTC next month. She did the weight watchers points program and that really helped her alot.  My MIL started using that and she has lost some weight as well.

It is greats that you actually lost that 20 kgs, that's pretty hard to lose all the pregnancy weight even 12 months later :-) Good luck!
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I think that with every pregnancy it is expected to gain some weight, just try to make sure you eat halthy like you are doing now adn maybe try to shed some more pounds before getting pregnant. I think 20 kilos is not bad in a pregnancy and you did awesome by losing them right after. Good job and hope you continue doing well.
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