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Napping habits/schedules

Just wanted to get everyone's take on napping now that our babes are a year.  It was a little more relaxed with my first since my mother kept him while I worked---I had an odd schedule until he was 2 so he didn't have to submit to someone else's structure til then.

With Kendall, I'm finding that she still needs two naps a day, but now that she's one, daycares apparently force them straight into just one nap.  At first we were trying to adhere to it but her schedule got so whacked out and we couldn't take it.  She was crashing 15 minutes after coming home at night, then waking up at like 4 in the morning.  

Ideally, she wakes up btwn 7 and 730 am, takes a late morning nap, then a late afternoon nap, then goes to bed btwn 9 and 930, sometimes as early as 830, but that's as much as it would vary. That's what she's happiest with.  But daycare won't let her do that.  And we tried switching daycares (we were unhappy for other reasons as well) but everyone was the same as far as sleep schedules.  

When she can have her 2 nap schedule, she is the happiest, smartest baby you've ever met.  But when she can't, oh my WORD the change that comes over her.

Do any of you ladies have this problem too?  Are your bubs on one nap or two?  Any tips for managing the daycare nap nazis?  I'd love all your feedback!

- Jess
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Cash stays with my MIL, but we keep him on a schedule.  He wakes up around 0830 and goes down for a nap between 1200 and 1230 (its usually a 2 hour one)  then he's up until 8:00 and then goes down for the night.
He went to one nap at about 11 months or so - I noticed that he either wouldn't take his afternoon nap or would only sleep for 20 minutes max.  So we backed up the morning nap to midday and it worked like a charm.
That is one thing about daycares - they are sometimes too scheduled, but I will be putting Cash in one at about 18 months so I will be crossing that bridge soon.
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Joel also only takes one nap.  He started that at about 10 months.  He was the same as Cash.  He would take a reallly good morning nap and then only sleep for 30 mins in the afternoon so I put him down for only one nap a day at around 12 or 1230 .. He gets up around 7-730 and goes down for a the night at 730.
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wow---so both of you are telling me your wee ones sleep for 12 hrs at night??  Kendall soooo doesn't do that.  She's about 10 hrs, and has been since she started sleeping through the night.  

that was the problem with her falling asleep at 6:30---she'd be up and ready to go at 4:30.  Noway jose.  I don't commit to anything before 8am (and even that's rare).  Anything before 7am is unnatural.  And anything before 6am simply does not exist and must therefore be a figment of your imagination.  That's my personal policy!

She's my natural alarm clock at 7:30 :-)  but if i put her to bed before 9pm, it's just a nap and she wakes up between half an hour and 2 hrs later, depending on how tired she is.

Do they seem crankier now that they are only taking one nap?  How long did it take them to adjust?
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iliana is still taking two naps.  she goes to bed at 8pm and wakes anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30 am.  Her first nap is at 10am for about 1-1.5 hours then takes another nap at 2pm for about the same time.  she still NEEDS her two naps.  If she doesn't have the two naps we are in trouble come dinner time until bedtime.  My first was the same.  She took 2 naps until 15 or so months.  She then napped once a day for 3 hours until 2.5 years. Now her naps are few and far between
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Cooper's only been napping once a day since he was about 8 months.  BUT-he will nap for 2-3 hours, sometimes more.  He typically gets up around 7:00, plays all morning, has lunch around 11:30, then naps from about 12:00-3:00.  Goes to bed around 7:30-8:00, and usually sleeps all night.
I would be really annoyed if my daycare tried to force my child into a sleep schedule that s/he wasn't ready for... Is it a center? or a home daycare?  A home daycare should be much more flexible.
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Joel is not crankier now that he is only taking one nap.  It only took him about a week to adjust to just taking one nap.  Maybe the reason that she only sleeps 10 hours a night is bc she is sleeping to much during the day.
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Cash wasn't crankier either - but I followed his cues.  When we were doing two naps it was bc he would go into melt down mode between dinner and bedtime (like Sasha mentioned) without the second nap.  I didn't cut out a nap until he basically started refusing the afternoon nap.  Once I put the nap in the middle of the day he napped longer and only that one time and he was happier.  It took a few days before he realized that he was only going to have to nap once though, LOL!   Just follow babies cues and they will let you know what they need.  If they are having melt downs then they still need more rest, if not then maybe they are ready for one.  I got the idea of only one nap from my ped's nurse.  She said that the dr usually advises parents that babies naturally go to only one nap between 10 and 18 months.  
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Yeah, it is a center---I'm not comfortable with a home daycare at this point (I know many are, i'm not saying they're bad, just my own comfort level i'm referring to).  I'd love to have a nanny but can't afford it yet.  And yes, I'm annoyed!  But I can't find an alternative.  She's too big and too mobile for the "baby" baby room.  She's in the older baby room now and will be the next to move up once there is space in the 1-2 yr old room.  There's one other baby there at her level/age.  If there was space she would have gone straight up, but she's not walking yet as the older 1 yr olds are, so I'm ok with waiting a little longer (though I know she'd be walking in no time if she was surrounded by walking peers).  

Other than that we're really happy with the new daycare, I just guess we'll keep letting her take an evening nap.  It's much better than keeping her up.  She definitely still has meltdowns without the second nap.  I just wish I knew how to achieve the ideal for her, instead of the relatively-happy medium. :-(
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Medina is on one nap. She got herself into it around 4-5 weeks ago. She sleeps at around 1130-1200 and sleeps for around 2 hours (+/- 30 mins). It has worked much better on her, made her in a better mood as well. She wakes up around 6.30 - 7.30 am and sleeps around 7-8 pm. Sometimes it gets off track every now and then but it usually corrects itself.
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