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How long are your LO's naps?  Do your rock or hold first? Lay them down asleep or awake?
Here's why I am asking...
My MIL keeps DS during the day and has been holding him for naps.  So, now we have a habit to break, so this week we have been getting her to put him in his crib for naps.  She rocks him, lays him down either semi-asleep or completely asleep and then he will only sleep for like 25 minutes.  He is only doing this about 4 times a day!  I'm worried that this isn't enough sleep.  He sleeps 9 hours straight at night, but yesterday evening when I got home he was like a little zombie bc he was overtired and then by bedtime he was slinging a full fledged fit bc he was tired and hungry.  I'm going to keep it up to see if he will get the hang of napping on his own, but I'm just concerned.  Don't hate me for saying this - I believe everyone is entitled to their own child-raising techniques and respect everyone's decision - but I don't believe in the "Cry It Out" method, so that isn't an option for us.  I tried it for a few days with Cash and he cried so hard and got so hot that he made himself sick and so I decided then and there that that method won't work for us.  I'm not downing it - my friend did it with her babe and it worked great and I'm happy for her, but it just isn't for me.  So, to sum it up, I'm looking for a solution, but don't want to go with the CIO method.  Help!!
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Did he sleep more than 25 minutes before?
I know my James won't sleep more than 1 hour usually is 30-45 minutes up to 1 hour for naps, in his crib all the time. I am also trying to figure out how to make him sleep longer.
I rock my baby to sleep all the time, I tried the putting him down and did not work for s bc it took him a long time and he started to cry and like you I don't like him crying.
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He was taking 45 minutes to an hour and a half naps when he was being held or when he was put in his carseat (we don't want to do the carseat anymore either bc it restricts his airway a little).
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I think it takes time for them to adjust to anything new. James used to sleep 15-20 minutes now he is up to 30 minutes to 45 minutes to and hour sometimes always on his crib. i wish he will sleep longer but he doesn't so I guess maybe later on he might start picking up better sleep. I read in a book that babbies don't process and understand the nap concept until they are between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old. So I guess our little ones are still on track.
I think it is  nice you are trying the crib from now on, maybe this will help him sleep better.
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I let Lochlyn fall asleep in my arms then put him in his crib when he is fully out and he will nap for 3 hours! He is 10 weeks
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To Crysi- Wow napping for 3 hours, I wish my little one will even get closer to that, how does he do it. Any advise?
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He is a tummy sleeper. Before I was putting him on his tummy he would only sleep 15 minutes or so.
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I too rock my 10 week old to sleep.  She sleeps anywhere from 1-3 hours.  There are days she will take several 30 min. naps. I guess it depends on what mood she is in.
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I rock my son to sleep but lately he is giving me fits, and crying out a lot, any of your kids doing this trend.
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Oh yeah!  I think they are getting old enough to realize that sleep means not eating and not playing and they fight it.  Cash will squirm and cry out until finally he settles and gives in to sleep.
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