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Officially a Mommy to Aiden

Hi Ladies!! Just want to share with you that I officially became a mommy last Monday July 13 @ 3:42 PM PST.  I was 37 weeks and 6 days.  Aiden was 6.5 Lbs and 20 inches long.  I started having painful irregular contractions Sunday evening and excessive CM with tinge of blood but L&D told me that it was to be expected at that point in pregnancy so they did not want me to come in.  Then at around 6:45AM on Monday, I started having  strong, painful contractions. DH and I thought it was just another case of BH but when we started timing it, we noticed that the contractions were now coming in every 5 minutes. I called L&D and they finally agreed to let me come in.  When we got there around 7:30AM, I started to bleed a little and contractions were definitely coming in strong and hard.  When they examined me, they said I was already 4-5 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  6 hours later, I was already at 10 cm dilated and was ready to push.  Unfortunately, I developed a fever during labor which caused my blood pressure and pulse to shoot up at 180. Doctor then decided to do an emergency C-Section. Then at 3:42PM on July 13 I finally became a mommy.  Words could not describe the happiness that I have with my little boy in my arms!! Still recovering though from the C-Section but loving every minute of my life being a mom.  :-)
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Thank you ladies!! The journey from pregnancy to motherhood is truly an amazing experience for all of us.  Until now, I still can't believe that we're all having our little ones after almost one year of waiting.
AP- I'm wishing you a safe and fast delivery for your little one.  Please do give us an update and post pix's. :-)
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Congratulations - and hopes for a speedy recovery  for you!
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Congrats!!!  Meeting your lil one for the first time is such an amazing experience.  I can't wait to do it again!  All the best with the recovery.
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Congratulations! Enjoy every minute you have with Aiden!
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Congrats I'm so happy you and Aiden are happy and healthy! I wish you a easy breezy recovery!

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