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Painful lump on breast

Hey ladies. Well Brayden is 4 months old now and I am now 8w6d pregnant. My fiance noticed last night a small
(about the size of a penny) bump on my the side of my left breast. It is pretty painful when I touch it. Could it be changes from having a baby a few months ago... or could it be because in preg again? Or could it be something else? I think my dad's mom died from breast cancer and so did my mom's dad's (my grandpa) mom. So it does run in my family but im not thinking that right now. What do you think?
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It could be a clogged milk duct. Try putting a warm compress on it or take a hot shower and then after a few minutes massage the lump. While you are massaging move your fingers from the lump down towards your nipple.
Watch for any flu like symptoms and a fever as if it is a clogged milk duct it can become infected.
If the lump doesn't disappear I would get checked out by your doctor
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I am not breastfeeding so I dont think it would be...??
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It maybe some type of cyst I would go and have it checked out. They may put you on antibiotics or have it drained. It could also be an infection I guess that is not uncommon in pg women. I would call your dr definately. Best wishes to you and good luck!
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