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Pregnancy weight? argghhhhhh

o.k girls I need suggestions I am trying to loose my pregnancy weight but it seems I hit plato. I gained about 35-40 pounds during my pregnancy, as soon as I had the baby I lost right away about 15-20, between baby and amniotic fluid and all the other fluid I had retained during pregnancy, but since the I have not been able to shed any more pounds. I am stuck at 155 and can't get it out.  Need to lose another 30 pounds to go back to my original body weight.
Any weight loss ideas, pills, diet, etc....
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That's funny, I was going to post this question today too.  I gained 50 pounds and dropped about 20 right away.  Then at around 147 the weight just stopped for a long time.  I got on the scale yesterday and it was 141.  Still have a ton to go to get back to pre pregnancy weight but I am finally seeing some sort of loss again.  It is funny though cause I gained tons of weight while I was pregnant and the only thing I could eat was veggie subs from Subway...not supposed to gain weight on those but I guess it was cause I never ate bread before it.
Now I am really sticking to the weight watcher meals due to convience and it seems to finally be working.  Ok, I will be honest, haven't been working out since we just moved and we don't have the weight machine set up yet, but I do vow to get these pounds off.. I hate  being this fat!!  
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I'm in the same boat. I'm 5'8" and was about 135 before I got pregnant. I got to about 175 and after I had Jack, lost a ton....got down to about 155 pretty quickly. Breast feeding helped. But I stopped BF at 12 weeks and I've been so busy I've not been able to stick to my plans. I went to my OB a couple weeks ago for a normal pap and was 158!!! I have gained weight since my postpartum visit! She giggled and said "watch that...."
I immediately went to best buy and bought a Wii Fit for our Wii system! I've been doing it for about two weeks now and have lost a couple pounds :). I knew with the holidays I would just cheat on any diet so I am just doing Wii for now. But my New Year's resolution is to lose at least 20 pounds by summer.
My mother works at Weight Watchers on weekdays and on weekend (after her normal job) for fun, actually. She's a thin lady but has friends that work there and she loves it. So, I am a pro at Weight Watchers and have GREAT cookbooks, etc. I will say that it has always worked for me to lose 2-3 lbs a week and seriously, the food in Weight Watchers cook books are DELICIOUS.
If anyone wants to join me on a New Year's resolution and cheer each other on, I'd love that and can share some recipes!
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All right let's do it, let's make it our New Year resolution to lose weight. I wish I could afford to buy the weight watchers program, I have heard is a wee bit expensive, so I guess I am going to have to just wing it.
I love the idea of sharing recipes and even maybe coming up with a daily work out plan and daily recipe schedule. Maybe we can suggest what to do for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a daily basis but of course the day before.
I know I need to start working out but can't get myself to do it.
Is nice to have the support.
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I have been eating spinach salads for lunch and working out 30 mins about 3-4 days a week.  I have finally started to loose some weight.  I gained about 30 pounds when I was pregnant and started at 150.  I would like to get back down to 150 but still have 15 lbs to loose.
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I usually weigh about 117 - 119 lbs (53-54 kg), and during the pregnancy I gained 33 lbs (15 kgs) which was quite normal. Within the first month, I lost around 22 lbs which is alot. Medina was in hospital when she was 2 weeks old as she had two abscesses under the arm and was surgically operated upon under full anaesthesia (thankfully she has no memory of it but I do :-(........) so I was in hospital with her for a week and was stressed which affected my way of eating which is always with me, when I'm stressed I get gastritis and don't eat well........

I still breastfeed and in the last 2 months haven't really lost any weight, I'm down to about 121 lbs, so not complaining at all and I'm happy about it. Don't forget that it is partially genetic, take a look at your own mother or fathers family or your sisters (if you have any). My sisters are also slim and they lost the weight quickly, my mother on the other hand is a bit more stocky.

It is hard with a baby (especially if you're a working mum) and winter because you don't really move about much, I started 'flying' Medina on my lower legs in such a weigh that I train my lower abs and it works!!! My hubby noticed it the other day :-) Glad my belly is reducing. Healthy eating is definately important, reduce the sweets and added sugar (e.g. in coffee), small things like reducing full milk to low fat etc. and ladies, I think that when our babies become more mobile, we will also be more mobile running around after them :-)
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My New Years resolution is to lose the baby weight as well.  i still have some weight from my first DD plus a little added weight.  Fortunately, I lost all the weight I gained with Iliana (16 pounds) so that's weight I don't have to worry about.  I would like to lose 45 pounds (am currently 176) by the end of next year.  I have Wii Fit which I will start after the holidays and will continue with Hip Hop Abs (I started about a month ago...got busy and that was the end of that).      
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Hey ladies my new years resolution is to lose a little weight and get my tummy flatter (which is the biggest issue). I gained about 50lbs when I was pregnant lost about 20-25 of it right after having JT. My husband got this new work out called P90X not sure if any of you heard of it but I was stuck at about 160 and I started that that and instantly started losing the weight. I got down to between 145-150 (145 is preg weight) but I have stopped so I haven't lost anymore weight. My issue is my belly still looks at least 2 months pregnant. What can I do to work on that and I do want to lose more weight I want to get back to the weight I was when I got married (135lbs). So we can all support each other I am glad I have you ladies, Thank you!
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eternidad- I don't do the weight watchers program, just buy the meals at Target.  I find them most filling and I top each meal off with a salad with a bit of light dressing.  I think they are just easy and being a vegeterian they have a couple of options I like.

I also use Colter to get some excercise.  My arms look fantastic, and I have always been lucky with a flat stomach but now it just needs a bit of work.  

Oh, and i can't believe all my friends that say while breastfeeding they were the thinnest they have ever been!  Not me!
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Dani- buying the weight watchers meals sounds like a great idea and topping it out with salads is great (I love it) you are awesome. Definitly going to start doing this next year.  This month isgoing to be kind of complicated because James and I are definitly travelin goutside of Michigan for a month, we are going to California to stay with my in laws, he is going through chemotherapy, so I am going to lend them a hand until the end of January, so I will start once I come back home.

Zazou- I am with you, I don't think that breastfeeding helped me loose weight at all, people kept telling me that while you are breastfeeding the punds come off like crazy, well guess that not to me. My family is pretty pettite and small too, my sister has been preggo 3 x and she is skinny as a toothpick, but she is also younger then me. I guess that age matter too and also when I became pregnant I was already over my ideal body weight, I was weighting 145 when I my ideal body weight is 125-130. To become pregnant I had to have series of infertility treatment for about 4 and half years, so I was taking a lot of hormones and having to inject them too for a long time, so this made me gain weight too, that is why I was already over when I became preggo, and the first 4 months of my pregnancy I was kept on hormone injections too. So I guess is going to take me a while but I will definitly going to loose them all.

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Well, I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Actually a few pounds below.  i was 130 before and am now 127.  However, I don't look it.  Being pregnant made me loose all muscle tone in my tummy!  I have always been blessed with a flat tummy and never really had to work to lose weight, so this is all new to me.  I have the Wii Fit as well as the new one that just came out and can really tell a difference when I do it.  My problem is time though.  I get home about 6:00 and Cash wants to go to bed at 7:30.  Good for him, but bad for me bc I don't get to see him much during the week.  (been really hard for me :-(   But, anyway, that's off topic.  I would love to share recipes though if anyone wants to!  I'm all about quick and healthy!
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I'm still fat so I'm no use!
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I'm working on losing weight. Have lost half of what i put on so still have a way to go. I make sure i do some sort of exercise evryday walking or evening housework or gardening. I eat as much fresh food as possible and also use a program on the computer to track my intake and output. It is CALORIEKING you can google and downlaod the program. It has helped me so much. you can monitor iron, protien, fat  and salt etc intakes and control you calories. You type in your eats for the day and it gives you a total. It take a little time to set up but good thing is you can save your regular meals so you don't have to keep adding each food individually.
Check it out - it has helped me!
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