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Really Bad Cold

Hey Guys! :)

I'm hoping that maybe you can help me,
I'm dying with the worst cold in the world, there's one going around my town, the hospital wont even let people in the cold is so bad.  I can't stop coughing and my nose wont stop running away, i've been slathering on the vicks vapour rub and drinking down honey lemon tea but nothing seems to work.  Do you guys have any non medical advice to help out with this cold??

Any suggestions would be much much MUCHLY appreciated lol

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I am in a similar boat.  My head hurts so bad I can't even sleep!  I have heard that acupuncture may help.  I just want to lay around all day but that just isn't an option!  I have no appetite but I know I have to eat.  I hope something gets better.
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I know at some point you we can take sudafed but I cant remember when it is, it might not be until the 3rd trimester.
You can use cough drops and vicks chloroseptic spray if your throat hurts. Get lots of fluids, tea with honey should help. Homeade chicken noodle soup actually does wonders for colds. Hot showers to help with congestion.
Call your OB or pharmacist and check into the sudafed thing.

If I think of more stuff I will let you know.
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I've been sick with the same symptoms for 3 months. I finally saw my dr yesterday, and she told me it's a really bad sinus infection. They are harder to treat with just cough drops, and cough medicine. Mine got so bad that i was gagging when i coughed and throwing up.
So she perscribed me an antibiotic for 21 days, and to take flonase, and claritin. All VERY SAFE for pregnancy.
If you can't get into see your dr. maybe go grab some nasal spray, and claritin. See if that works for you. I've only been on mine for 1 day, and i feel so much better. I finally got some sleep last night.
Good luck!
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Hi! Not sure if your cough is caused by a virus or bacteria.  If its a virus just like what I had 2 months ago, there is no major medication for it specially if you're pregnant. My doctor did tell me that its best not to take anything but if I can't take the pain of sinus congestion, coughing and headache any longer, I can take Sudafed or Benadryl.  These were just supposed to relieve the pain but not cure the cause of the viral colds. It was really hard to resist popping up the over the counter medication but I opted for the natural method of curing it which is  getting lots of rest and increasing fluid intake.  My doctor also advised me to get a vaporizer which helped me breathe better specially during sleep. It also helps if you stack up your pillow a bit.  It helped keep my sinuses from congesting due to increased air flow.  It took a while for me get better without medication but these did work.  It would however be really good if you see the doctor just so you would know if its just the regular colds or something else that requires antibiotics.  Hope you feel better soon.
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I know you can take benadryll and tylenol. I would double check with your dr. I would not take anything without his or her ok. Other than sleep and hydration there is really nothing you can do. I hope you feel better soon....

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Oh, man, I feel for you. I had one about five weeks ago...I wasn't quite out of the first trimester, so I *really* couldn't take anything. I know you can take some things past that point.

One of the things that brought me GREAT relief was a Neti pot. It's a weird little thing that lets you basically rinse out your nasal cavity with warm saline solution. It sounds really odd...but it works! I highly recommend it!

The only other thing that helped was a humidifier with Vicks in it. Also, lots of water and lots of SLEEP. Oh yeah...and those nasal strips helped a little.

Good luck!
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OOh I forgot about the neti-pot, I have one too and it works wonders for stuffiness!!
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