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She screams when you lay her down!

She is obviously tired but she screams like she's dying every time you lay her down whether its in her crib or on our bed, or anywhere. She is 7 months and 1 week and I dont know what to do anymore. This just started like within the last week and its every time you put her down, even to change her diaper. She has 4 teeth coming in on the top and I know thats not helping it but its like she yells all day (no tears just screaming) and then when you lay her down she cries this sound that would make you think she is dying and then she really does have tears. Thinking its her teeth we have tried tylenol, orajel, and hylands teething tablets and nothing makes her stop. My husband thinks she is getting spoiled bc when we are carrying her she will stop throwing a fit immediately...even if she is screaming and you get up she will stop bc she thinks you are coming to pick her up. What is wrong with her? Is this the behavior of a teething baby or is she getting spoiled? She already has 2 bottom teeth and she didnt act like this at all, you wouldnt have even known she was cutting teeth before, and now its nuts! For those of you that believe in letting her cry it out, I tried that once for maybe like 3 minutes and she never stopped screaming and acting like she was dying so I dont know if i should be letting her CIO bc I dont want to fail her if something really is wrong, but is it possible for them to act so psychotic if they are just spoiled or what? When they are spoiled to they act like they are dying? I have also heard that you cant spoil a baby and I dont know what I think about that, I just want her to stop, lol. I have also tried that "watching for cues and putting her to bed early". I KNOW when its time for her nap but she will NOT lay down, she wont swing, she wants us to hold her and how can she be spoiled when we have never held her while sleeping or let her sleep with us. We have always put her in her crib when it was time for naps or bed and she went to sleep with no problem. I have tried giving her a passy which usually helps her go to sleep but she is so irate when you lay her down she wont even close her mouth to hold the passy there. I have also tried giving her a toy in the crib. It makes me think she is spoiled bc nothing obvious is wrong, but i dont know how she could be spoiled when she always plays by fine by herself and in all honesty, we havent done anything to get her spoiled. Really, the only time i hold her is when she has a bottle, other than that we will play on the floor, or she will be in her exersaucer or swing, or something. Somebody needs to fix this for me, lol.
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oh, and my husband has been able to get her to fall asleep the past 2 times by laying her on her stomach and patting her, but i cant start making that a habit so what is the deal?
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Karen, my little James has been doing the same thing for the past couple weeks, every time I lay him down he wails, like crazy big tears and all. I am trying to change his bedtime routine to so far nothing is working, he just want to be held all the time.
My pediatrician thinks that some babies go through this stage and here is nothing much you can do.
I don't think you can spoil your child by holding them, and I don't believe in th CIO method, I thinnk is o.k to let them cry for bits of time but not for long, the longest I have left James cry is around 5 minutes (probably was less according to my husband), it breaks my hart because he wails so loud like he is dying.

So I have resigned myself to hold him as much as I can, and will see later on.
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Okay first of all breathe!!!!! Ok there are numerous reasons why she is screaming like that and it's most likely more than just her teething. Have you tried taking her for a walk even if it's cold out bundle her up and let the fresh air wear her out?! How about her formula what type is she on?! My son has acid reflex and has a prescription formula that he's been on since he was a month old. If the formula they are on is not settling well with them they will scream. Have you talked to your pediatirician what do they say? Have you tried walking around the house with her to get her to sleep or a bath or a swing? Is she eating cereal at night to fill her up? I'm not a believer of stomach sleeping until they are older. If they roll over on their own that is one thing but it's a different story to put them to bed on their bellies. I think it's ok to let them cry for a few minutes not a half hour. My son is not a fussy baby so I'm lucky with that. I do believe that fussiness is their way of telling you something is not right. does she have a night light in her room? Is she too hot or cold? It could be a number of things. Let me know if you have tried some of these things. If so I will rack my brain for more. Good luck and hang in there hey she could be the most wonderful amazing toddler. I agree w eternidad they go thru a stage at about 6 mos w their sleeping!

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Medina cries when she's tired and wants to sleep. Although it is cold here (-14 Degrees Celcius here the last few days), I try to go out with her when it is almost nap time and I have to admit sometimes she is out within 2 minutes, I really recommend that. Give it a go. The fresh air might do her good just like AP said. It helps us :-)
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James has always been a quite mellow guy, he never, NEVER cried except some whimpers here and there until this last week or so, when he cries like screming murder if we lay him down, as long he is in our laps he is fine. We talked to our pediatircian and he thinks he is just going through a face, he poops, eats, and smile quite well, he is just going through a rough time of going to sleep.

It is shocking to see how much they change form my quite, calm, sleeping a lot (he used to take 3 naps daily) form 1-3 hours until last week, he will sleep throught the night and only wake up once for feeding and will go back to sleep again.

Now he is definitly going through speration anxiety, this is why our docotor recommended just to hold him a lot, give him kisses and ride the wae until next month when they start settling down again.
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my son is the exact age and getting all 4 top teeth too the little spikes r sticking threw nothing works either usually wen my daughter use to throw little fits that i couldn't  handle i would throw her inthe car n go for a little drive my son on the other hand cried for 30 mins the other  day i have no idea what else to do ..me my son and daughter go for walks every day so we get fresh air ive give all the different tylenols ibu n oragels nothing helps i took him to the doc a week ago cuz this came on so sudden i was amazed  i need help tooooooo oh nits not just me n my husband he acts like this with he spent the night at my moms n she said he acted the same way ...............eeeeeeeek HELP
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