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Weight Gain

OK - I've read different things different places.  My dr. says my weight gain is within normal ranges and I know every woman is different.  Buuuuuut, I still can't help being curious.  
I know this may be a touchy subject for some, but I can;t help but wonder....
About how much weight have us July mommies to be put on for our little ones?  All of my friends seem to be finding out they are pregnant lately and are asking me what to expect - and I tell them all of the above - that "normal" is relative, but I still can't help but to wonder.  I'm pretty sure with these poll things that everything is anonymous, but I will share with you ladies that I have put on between 21 and 23 lbs (its been fluctuating the last 2 weeks - probably bc I don't weigh in the nude)

If you want - asnwet the poll below:
On average how much weight have you gained so far?
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I haven't been weighed since my last appointment 3 weeks ago but at that point I had only gained 13 pounds, I'm sure I gained a couple since then though.
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My weight at home says I gained 21 lbs and the doctors office says I gained 29 but either way it doesn't look like I put on weight except for my belly.
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Hi girls well I'm due July 26 and I've gain 10 at 24w2d so I guess I'm looking pretty good all the gain has been in my stomach.
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I actually lost weight, almost 20 pounds, and then when i went to my check up last week i had gained 10 pounds over 8 weeks.   The doctor said the weight loss was normal, because when i got pregnant I was a little over weight as it was, and because i was eating healthier than i had ever had before i was loosing the weight but the baby was perfectly healthy.  I guess everyone is different, But i was really worried at first.  
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I was almost 60 but I have lost almost 10 lbs so I'm now 52 lbs I have gained so far....

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As of my last appointment 3 weeks ago, I had not yet gained any weight (started at 176).  I have sprouted quite a bit in the last week so I am assuming that I have put on some since the appointment.  I will be weighed again on Wed.  
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At my last appt, 2 weeks ago I had gained 3 lbs. In the 2 wks since, I feel like i've gained weight. I watch everything i eat b/c I was already over weight before getting pregnant.
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i was in really good shape before i got pregnant, so i feel every friggin pound!!  ugh.  I'm totally jealous of you, Tasia!!  I am not huge, but I feel soft everywhere and i feel like i'm bulging out of my clothes.  I'm very self-conscious about it (which isn't helping our sex life, lol).  

We had just been on vacation (that's where we knocked me up) and when we came back from eating all the decadent food, I weighed 142 (I'm 5' 7.5")---my ideal weight for me is about 130---i'm shredded and in "competition form" at about 126.  I had been slacking and was about 137 when I left for the trip, but by most standards I was still in "sick" shape, I'm just hard on myself.  

As of this past Thursday, my doc said I've put on 23 pounds (I think it was).  I am not happy with it because I know the weight gain accelerates from here, but I've had the worst diet---I keep eating fast food and pizzas and **** like that!  I can't help it.  And I haven't really exercised at all.  Soooo... my "goal" is to somehow keep the pounds beneath the number of weeks that I am---but I know that ain't gonna happen as the next few weeks unfold and the baby starts putting on weight. :-(

So, from someone who went to the gym 5 days a week and had 8% body fat, don't feel bad at all---when you consider the circumstances and the shape we were in before we found ourselves pregnant, I take the cake for weight gain!!
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I was 125 when I started and I have gained 25 pounds already!  I count my calories and most normal people would be losing weight, I was just really strict on my diet prior to being pregnant, and now that I am eating dairy and eggs and lots of fruit I am gaining so much and I hate it, except that when I got to see my son on that 20 weeks u/s and he was so healthy, I decided that whatever I need to gain to keep him that way is so worth it!  I sure wish the boobs would stop growing though LOL!
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GOsh I think my boobs are going to be so big , i'm not going to be able to walk by the end of this pregnancy!  I was already a size D before getting preg. I went to Motherhood,a nd had to buy an E. I mean really .. its retarded
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lol, I had to get a 38E a few weeks ago. We are going to be G's when our milk comes in lmao.
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LOL. Please no G's haha.
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