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What are our LO up to now.

Hi ladies, I think is time for a quick update of what our LO are up to now. James will be 8 month tomorrwo March 8th, yeahhhh.
The poor little thing is still fighting cold, otitis media and teething (I can see on little tiny tooth trying to come out). His nights are still havoc, wakin gup every 2-3 hours (at least he is not wailing anymore) just wakes up to be held or feed. I think he is needing mommy's TLC.
He is a champion napper every day takes 2 naps of 2-3 hours each (guess making up from his lack of night sleep)
He is has been crawling for a bit, fist he used to scoot back, now he is going forward but instead of on his knee he pushes his rump up with his leg and goes like that. Funny to watch, think he will never be  a proper crawler, he wants to stand up on his own badly.
He is drinking from 24-32 ounces formula daily.
3 meals daily, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
He is babbling like crazy now, all day is bababa, mamama, so cute.
Loves playing with his learning house and other interactive toys.
Waves hi and goodbye (sometimes)
Gives high five,
working on throwing kisses, he does not get it yet.
Loves book and story time at the library and is enjoying his swimming classes.
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Medina will be 9 months old on the 9th March. Time really does fly!!

- She has been doing the commando crawl since just a little over two months, is go go go, really active so she's slimmed down. Don't think she will crawl on all fours but go straight to walking like her Dad.
- She can pull herself up and stands alot.
- She hates sitting, I can put her there and it's fine but getting herself into sitting position, well she's not interested ATM.
-  She can walk with her baby walker, did that recently.
- She has been teething the last month so was not eating well but thankfully since Saturday much better (fingers crossed). I still breastfeed on demand, I give her water (Grandma gives her some diluted juice). We try for 3 meals.
- She naps twice a day. Usually 2.5 - 3 hours altogether .
- She doesn't sleep through the night but has been waking up less the last few nights, usually twice.
- She was 74 cm (29.1 inches) and 8.32 kg (18.3 pounds) a week ago.
- She has one tooh, second is just about to erupt.
- She won't stop babbling just like her Dad!!!!! LOL.
- She has said her first word a week ago but in Arabic. 'Didi' which means 'naughty'. Sometimes she looks at our cats and I think she says the word cat in Arabic, I've noticed it the last few days, but I'm not too sure.
- She high fives, sometimes waves hi and bye.
- She plays alot on her own, loves almost anything from Vtech, clothes pegs
- She LOVES books, we read every day.
- We just finished baby swimming. She loves loves loves water. We shower sometimes together, it doesn't bother her to get water on her face. She even fell in the water on Friday (swimming lesson) with head under water, a little squeal, that was all.
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Iliana just turned 7 months.  She is not yet crawling.  She rolls everywhere.  hahahhaha....She can stand by herself for a min. or so (we have to put her on her feet).  She babbles alot and loves her big sister so much (lights up when she sees Anika).  She has been sleeping through the night 7:30pm to between 6:30 and 7:30am for a couple of months now.  Her naps are still short but am happy that she is sleeping through the night.  She eats 3 meals plus 24-30oz of formula per day.  She doesn't have any teeth yet but her cheeks have been pretty rosey lately so you never know.  She too loves the water.  We try to take the girls to the pool every weekend.  Iliana has so much fun splashing around.  
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Kaylee will be 9 Months old on the 15th of March, I cannot believe that, it feels like I just had her :(  3 months and she'll be a year old, ahh scary

-She's been crawling backwards for about a month and a half now, she really tries to go forward, but she just can't do it,
-She somehow figured out how to sit herself up from the crawling position, she pushes her self up and moves her legs under her and she's sitting, she looks like she's doing acrobatics when she does it.
-She says momma and Dedede (Daddy) and has been saying it for about 2 weeks now
-She loves our cat, and will do anything to get her hands on her and eat her.
-She has two teeth, both on the bottom and will have a new one on the top very soon
-She waves it's so cute
-She shares everything, she will even try and get you to open your mouth so she can put her sookie in.
-She drinks about 30 ounces of Formula a day, and has Cereal for breakfast, A fruit and veggie for lunch and a veggie and meat for supper, and my potatoes if i have some with supper
-She naps twice a day, Once at 10:00am for about 30 minutes, and her second nap is 3:00 for again 30 minutes
-she does not sleep through the night, she wakes up about every 2-3 hours, for comfort and bottle, she'll only drink about a half ounce every time, we are trying desperately to get her out of this habit.
-She loves hearing stories and babbles the whole way through a story book.
-She's 32 inches long, and 19 and a quarter pounds.

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Hi..!! Hunter is 8 months today. Wow time really flies I can't get over it. My baby is getting so big.
-He is 25.6  pounds and 29 1/2 inches long
-he has two teeth on his bottom, and there is two teeth starting to pop through on top-been pretty fussy here lately with that and being stubborn with eating while mommy is at work.
-he isn't crawling yet, I think because he is such a big boy, but I dont think it will be long, he gets up on all fours but then falls to his tummy and rolls over, he rolls everywhere, he stands for couple of mins on his own
-sits up like a pro loves playing with his interactive toys, he loves watching Mickey Mouse Club (The Hot Dog dance) is his favorite hilarous, and sponge Bob so cute.
-he waves bye bye and Hi, and when he wants something he will take his hand and wave backwards so cute
-he gives kisses
-he sleeps through the night, takes about 3 naps a day depending some of cat naps for 20 mins or so and others are about 1hr and half
-He loves his jumperoo, but I think he will soon be out of it, he jumps like crazy, he just started moving his Walker and goes.
-he drinks (3) 8 ounce bottles while I'm at work in 8 hours, and then when I get home I strictly nurse him, and I'm still going so strong, I plan on nursing until he is 12 months if he wants to go longer I will certainly do but I'm thinking 12 months
-he drinks a very little bit of water about 1ounce of water with his dinner out of a sippy cup, he plays with it but holds it up right and drinks, he gets cereal in the morning with his bottle, a veggie & Fruit for lunch, and a veggie & fruit for dinner, I haven't tried meats yet with him, he is still on Stage 1 with some things and stage 2 with a few, gags a little with stage 2, so we are slowly moving up to stage 2
-We just tried Mum Mums and he doesn't know what to really think with those, but he munches away
-he says dadadadada, and screams and yells loves hearing his voice, he said mama at 1st now it's dadadada, and a bunch of babbling so cute.
-he loves trying to get our 3 cats and loves there tails.
-hunter as well loves story time, normally we read to him during the day and then at night time before bed we will read 2 books.
Time is going so fast.....seems like yesterday I just had him... !!!!
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Wow the time really does fly.  Joel just turned 7 months at the end of February.

- He does the army crawl but can't figure out how to get his belly off the ground.  I am just glad he can get to what he wants.
-  I can see one tooth today on the bottom that looks like it will be coming through soon.
-  He loves to pound on anything he can get his hands on.
-  He loves to take things apart.
-  Loves to play with toys that makes noise.
-  He loves to be read to and look at the pictures in the books.
-  He has been sleeping through the night for aobut 4 months and takes 2 naps a day.  One nap is 45 mins and the other is 1.5 hours or longer.  
-  He loves to go bye-bye.
-  He loves his swim class.
-  He loves to see his dad.  I love to see his face light up when dad walks in from work.
-  He babbles all the time dada, mama, baba.
-  He grunts when he wants something especially when he wants food or daddy.
-  He eats 3 meals a day and gets 3 bottles a day.
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Aww you are so sweet to be asking about our babies.  Jeremy is doing nothing new..LOL. He is 30lbs now and about 30 inches we find out next mth so he is extremely big for his age and it is preventing him from sitting up on his own and crawl it's very hard for him to hold his own weight. No teeth yet and no words. He is smart as a whip and knows what he wants. My oldest he did the same thing. Jeremy will walk and talk when he's ready. Idk what I'm going to do he has almost outgrown his excersaucer....Yikes. He is too big for his swing and when he is on the flr he's into everything....LOL. He is still eating well and sleeping through the nite. He is happy as a clam but at times you can tell his gums are soar. Poor guy. I have no complaints he is a doll and a very loving baby!!!! Take care and I hope everyone elses babies are doing good! I can't get over how fast the time has flown!
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Cash was almost 23 lbs at his appointment in mid Feb - he's my little chunky monkey!  He is slimming out though bc he is starting to get really tall - Dad is 6'4" so I'm guessing he's going to take after him!  He has two teeth on bottom and is working on two on the top - really bothering him!  He's not ill at all, but he is knawing on everything and sleeping poorly.  When he wakes up he immediately searches for something to chew on - paci usually.  He WAS sleeping through the night, but he is now waking alot and usually ends up in bed with us.  He is a great napper though.  He takes two naps a day of 1-2 hours each.  He eats three meals a day and has three 8 oz bottles.  He also has water from his sippy cup, but isn't so great at doing it on his own yet - although he is a champ at holding his bottle.  He is starting to really let his personality shine and is a very happy baby.  He loves to stand, but has only pulled up twice.  He hasn't crawled yet - he gets up on all fours but then rolls over and otherwise he makes motions like he is swimming.  He scoots all over the floor on his belly though to get to what he wants.  He loves walking in his walker and jumping in the jumperoo!  He says baba and dada and loads of things I can't understand - no mama yet though :-(.  He loves to pinch and squeeze your face and neck and hair as well.  Just love him to pieces!!
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JT just turned 8 months last Friday.
-He has just started cruising about a week ago
-He is pulling himself up on everything.
-He is crawling just recently went from a very slow crawler to a fast paced one.
-He has 4 teeth; 2 on top and bottom.
-He is eating solids twice a day, 3 if I can squeeze it in.
- He babbles a lot, mamamama, and dadadada, babababababa, stiff like that but that's about it.
- JT has been sleeping through the night but had a bad couple of nights this week (hope it doesn't last)
I just love watching him grow and learn new things. I love hearing about everyones babies they are all so different and special.
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Lilly is 7 months old and is so full on!
She commando crawled at 5 1/2 months
Sat up at six months and started crawling properly.
She now walks the furniture, waves goodbye to Daddy (and evryone in the supermarket!), babbles to herself, says dadada, bababa and mamama.
She has only ever slept eight hrs straight 3 times!
She still breastfeeds every four hours except at night where she is very unpredictable and could be more or less!
She had two teeth with another two starting to pop through!
She loves all animals and small children.
Most of the time she is happy and always has a smile for the camera LOL
She eats 3 meals a day and likes to have snacks if i'm eating something she can.
She has two naps per day which range from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 each.
She goes down for the night at 8-8:80pm rising at 7-7:30am and waking for feeds when she feels like it.
She gives me kisses (but leaves her mouth opened) and holds her hands up to be picked up!

It's so scary how quick they grow!
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Lochy will be 8 months on the 30.
He was starting to get the idea of how to crawl (getting his bum up or his body up but not at the same time) but got sick for a couple weeks and wasn't practicing so now we are starting over again.
He refuses to roll from his back to his stomach, he gets half way then goes back to his back.
He sleeps through the night, and takes two naps a day. A one hour one in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, he sometimes has a 45 minute nap around 7.
He eats three times a day. We started yogurt early when he was sick and on antibiotics (to help his tummy cause he was getting diarhea from the antibiotic) He loves his fruit, veggies, and yogurt but meat isn't a favourite by any stretch.
He loves touchy-feely books, but doesn't care much other books (he just wants to eat them)
He loves his mobile/ fishy aquarium thing, sitting and playing with his toys, his rocking horse (it has a seat that he slides into so he can use it on his own) and his exersaucer.
He has four teeth with his fifth on the way! He has vampire fangs on the top, it's too cute!
He has recently started laughing at his toys. dogs and his environment ... anything. Sometimes he fake laughs just to hear it.
He went from hating bath time to LOVING bath time and playing with all his bath toys. He has learned how to seal slide in the bath tub (kicks off the end and puts his legs and arms up and slides across the tub)
He loves his playdates.
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Oh yes, he knows how to spin in circles on his tummy as well as push himself backward and just yesterday he figured out how to push himself backwards while sitting on him bum.
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Well, I have a crawler!  I also have puller upper LOL!  I can't sit down for even a second unless I put him in his walker or play pen!  He is into everything!!!!  Lots of fun though!  And he has this permanent grin like he is SO proud of himself!
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Welcome to the club! It's harder when they crawl, you really have to keep an eye on them :-) Have fun.
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I agree and second that, Jame shas been a master of crawling and pulling up, it gets crazy and even for bedtime, he can't ly daown, so he shakes the sides of the crib. He is now attempting to let himself go and try walking, so scaryyyyy.
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Yeah I wish JT was still immobile I am constantly grabbing him because he is into everything! Just wait till he starts cruising anything on the cofee table will end up on the floor. Or anything on the entertainment stand so I either have to move everything or try and distract him which never works. Love that he is growing just hard to have to go towork and keep up with a 9 month old that gets into everything high or low. Congrats Cash!!!
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