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What do your toddlers eat for breakfast?

Thought I would post another question on breakfast because that is out worst meal of the day. I have tried different types of cereals but she basically eats porridge-like cereals (actually have only found one she likes). Would like to hear some comments and perhaps exchange some ideas on breakfast for our little ones.

Our breakfast is either:

- Baby Muesli with pureed fruit
- Scrambled eggs (we try for toasted bread with it, but she doesn't want to mainly)
- 1/4 - 1/2 slice untoasted bread with margarine and vegemite (yeast extract)
- Yoghurt

So we dont have much of a variety. She didn't like pancakes the few times I tried it out, last time was about 2 months ago. We want to try muffins. Any recipes would be great!!!!

P.S. I also don't usually eat breakfast but am forced to when DH is there!
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lilly loves breakfast! she has:
1 weetbix and 1 yoghurt
1 weetbix and 1 piece of toast with vegemite
1 egg and toast or yogurt
rice cereal/oats/pureed fruit and yoghurt

she will also eat my All Bran or Fibre Plus. we have tried pancakes twice and she ate them the first time but not the second.

she likes fruit bread / raisin toast and toast with melted cheese under the grill.

on the occassion i let her have some cooked ham or bacon which she loves.
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Breakfast is not much fun here either. His eating habits go up and down, and depends on the day, so I kind of go with the flow.
Make some cream of wheat with yogurth (likes it o.k sometimes.
eggs- not much
oatmeal- not much
toast- sometimes.
pancakes- sometimes.
croissants- sometimes
Cheerios- all the time.
So I tired and tried but is always a gamble, some day she will eat great others not at all.
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Toaster waffles
Eggs sometimes, especially if he helps cook them
Ham chunks and olives
Apples and pecans
Cheerios (with or without milk)
Piece of bread

My son is not a huge breakfast guy.  If all he wants is something like a piece of bread, I can sometimes finagle a few pecans or filberts into him so I feel he's getting some protein.
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Joel will eat almost anything but really doesn't like eggs.  I need to try them again though.  Things he will eat for breakfast:

multi-grain cheerios
life cereal
always has a banana with breakfast
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Breakfast is our best meal - Cash will eat anyting I put in front of him in the mornings - altough I feel like we eat the same things over and over again just bc its easier that way.
His favorite is rice cereal or oatmeal and yogurt.
We also sometimes have pancakes, waffles, toast with cream cheese, or eggs.
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Thanks guys. We tried waffles this morning and she ate some of it, she isn't afraid to experiment, was happy to see another option.

I noticed that sometimes Medina eats a little and then has a better appetite around two hours later, she is more hungry, so I'm guessing she has two 'mini-breakfasts'. They have their phases, so I hope it will stay constant at some stage.
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Lochlyn eats pretty much anything. I like to switch it up for him.

Oatmeal (apple, no sugar added, natural stuff by Quaker)

Toast with home made jam, yogurt and some form of fruit

Cereal, yogurt and fruit (loves rice crispies or cheerios)

Pancakes, yogurt, fruit

If it's a really busy day some times he has just yogurt and fruit for breakfast so I make sure he gets more grains for snack. I worry about his daily intake as opposed to what he gets in one meal. He eats three meals a day and has three snacks so I have lots of opportunities to make up for what he has missed.

He doesn't like eggs. He will eat a bite of mine if I am having them but that's it. He LOVES yogurt so he gets it everyday.
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Cooper loves breakfast, too, it is probably his biggest meal of the day!  

Typical breakfast is:
2 scrambled eggs OR a pancake/waffle
banana OR peaches OR madarin oranges

AND sometimes I give him Cheerios in his highchair while I am making his breakfast... He is a big eater!

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Does anyone's babies feed themselves with a spoon yet? Lilly wants to feed herself but turns the spoon over so the food falls off before getting to her mouth!
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Yeah Medina feeds herself sometimes and it gets messy so I have to help her alot. But it's 'learn by doing'. It's cute to see because she is 'Little Miss Independent', wants to do alot on her own.
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YES!  Cash perfers to feed himself and will try and try and try with a spoon for as long as I will let him.  The other day he tried for 15 minutes and I only think that maye three or four peas actually made it into his mouth.  He didn't care though!  He was happy trying to do it himself!  If I want to "help" by feeding him with a spoon he has to have one too.  SO funny!
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I make banana pancakes.  Just mush a banana up with the pancake batter.
Also, he likes the bread with the whole in the middle cut out, crack and egg in it and I sprinkle cheese on the top of it all.  :)  
Breakfast is always tuff here.
Made an asparagus and tomato souffle the other day.  Just mix in a bowl eggs, sourcream, cheese and any other ingredient you want and then bake it. Easy!
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