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When does your baby kick the most?

I wanted to post this bc a couple of you are still not feeling the baby that much. EVERY SINGLE TIME I drink hot chocolate, she wakes up and starts kicking...i mean immediately on my first or second sip. I feel her randomly through the day, but not that often. I was craving hot chocolate so i went to the store and bought the powder and after i realized it was waking her up, now i have been drinking a glass a day, just bc i like feeling her. She kicks harder than other times when i drink it, and my husband says, "thats bc your burning her, how would you like it if someone poured hot chocolate over you!" Im going to slap him...but thats besides the point. Anyway, i just wanted to see when yalls baby kicks more, and for those of you that are still having trouble, maybe that will make your little one kick.
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shes not on a schedule yet. She's very random. Probably more at night she wakes up cause im not moving around as much. But I usually feel her throughout the day. Just maybe more at night.
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Evan seems to kick me after breakfast, I usually drink some juice and have cereal or pancakes so it could be the sweetness. I also feel him after I drink ice cold water. I am noticing his sleep and waking cycles much more. If I am up and running around I wont feel him since baby's in the whom tend to sleep when we move, it sort of lulls them to sleep.
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I'm still having trouble feeling mine a lot, but when I do it's usually around 6-6:30AM when I wake DH up for work, and then at night when we're laying in bed watching TV - I'm going to try the hot chocolate idea though! :]
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Try it and let me know if it works. I want to know if its just mine, or if it will work for everyone.
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Karen- That is SO something DH would say.  He is pretty convined there is a full functioning and fully aware baby inside me!  

Someone else today just told me to try drinking a reg coke intead of the caffine free to feel the baby kick.  I have hot coco all the time, but it is the sugar free kind LOL!  I guess that kind of defeats the purpose.  I am due July 29th, so maybe I just need to give it a little more time, although, last night I really think I felt something for the first time after eating homeade applesauce, maybe it was the sugar?  
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I feel her every couple of hours during the day for about 10 or 15 minutes. They i feel her for about 1 or 2 hours straight while i'm sleeping.
I ate hot Tamales, and Oh my goodness! She went CRAZY!!!! It was so funny!
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Mine is still pretty random, lil kicks here and there. It kicks the most at night, after dinner, and when I go to the doctor, weird as that is lol. We should all be feeling it more and more now that they are getting bigger and stronger in there!
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Mine is random too.  I particularly feel babe at night and when I eat spicy food.  
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My little guy kicks a lot throughout the night and I feel him sporadically throughout the day. I notice that when I eat/drink soup he kicks a lot more during the day as well as when I eat ice cream. I love my little guy so much!!!
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At night when I'm laying down watching tv with my hubby or while I'm eating. My son is a big baby so I swear the food doesn't go through his belly it's like he sits up breech style with his mouth wide open yelling feed me feed me. I get really bad contractions from his head hitting the top of my uterus. He is really long too. So it's hard not to feel him....He also gets way up there and just about kicks my ribs. I swear I'm going to give birth to another toddler. My oldest my other son was 22 inches long and 9 lbs and 4 ozs when he was born so this boy is taking after his big brother. You may have some good luck since you are having a girl they are usually not always but most of the time alot smaller. Best wishes to you and your baby. Oh any names picked out?
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My baby kicks the most when i'm settling down for the night, when my boyfriend rubs my belly or when i just wake up in the morning.  I notice little tiny kicks during the day, but it's more prominent in the night and early morning.
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I feel my baby boy randomly throughout the day but the strongest kicks are at night when I am at the computer, reading or watching tv (when I am sitting still) I LOVE GETTING KICKED!! remember those kick me signs we would put on people's backs in highschool - well I never thought I would actually wish someone to kick me LOL
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Kupi- LOL!
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This is my 1st pregnancy and im 18 weeks and 1 day and i still havent felt the baby kick my doctor said its normal .. i have no idea what to expect but i can not wait until i feel it =)
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