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baby teething at 6 weeks

well she has been a little bit more fussier then normal.. but just today i seen a little white spot on her gum and let her suck on my finger and it feels like she has a tooth comming in... is it possible???
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I was wondering the same thing about JT. He has the white spot where it looks like a tooth and he has been chewing on his fingers even when he isn't hungry. I have heard of babies getting teeth early so it is possible.
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I'm no expert but from what I hear, it's very unlikely... it's just a sucking reflex, a way to let us know that the baby's hungry again!

mine does the same... I give him the binky and he feels much better after...
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I don't know, but my LO is drooling like crazy and constantly gnawing on his fingers and pacifier instead of sucking and I'm wondering the same thing.  On his bottom gum I also see this little white "thing".  Beats me, I guess we'll find out soon..
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Most babies get white bumps on their gums and it doesn't mean a tooth is popping through. They are just little cysts. My first son had those at this age and he didnt get teeth until he was about 9 months old.
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My little one will be 3 months next week and I noticed a white spot yesterday and she was more fussier than usual. It feels really hard so I'm guessing she's teething especially as it s more common at 3 months than for a 6 week old. There are cases where babies have been borth with a tooth!!!!! Wierd but true. Can't imagine my baby at birth with a tooth, seems too wierd for me.
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Grose is right - I asked my pediatrician about some white bumps in my baby's mouth and she said they are little cysts and will disappear.  I think she called them Epstein's pearls.  So if your baby is only 8 or so weeks old chances are she/he isnt getting teeth yet.  
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So JT's pediatrician said that JT is teething but it could take up to 6 to 8 months for the first tooth to show up.
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Just want to confirm that my little one has a tooth emerging. And that at 12 weeks of age!!!!
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