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cervical surgery update

I am now just over 30 weeks.  Last thursday I underwent an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.  I herniated 2 discs into my spinal cord.  The surgery was considered necessary and emergent. I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 days and the baby made it through just fine.  My neurosurgeon said that it was the worst case of disc herniation she had ever seen on a walking person.  I am lucky.  Now I am sore but the unbearable pain is gone.  I am on modified bed rest until the High risk OB sees me and the Neurosurgeon clears me as well.
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I am so glad you and the baby made it through ok. Hopefully you can try and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy now!!
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OMG, you are poor thing! I am so glad that everything is fine now and that your baby is doing great!!!!!
Why did you have to have a surgery? Was that a known issue before you got pregnant?
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I herniated two discs in my neck - while I was sleeping!  I went to pull the pillow out from under my hip and pressed my head back into the pillow.  I heard a loud squishy pop and both my arms went numb.  This was all very sudden and unexpected. All is good now...
Thanks for your good wishes.
This is forcing my to slow down a bit - modified bed rest.  I am also now a mandatory c section.  Probably the end of June - we'll see.
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hi suzie i hope all is good at ur end now..how is ur baby doing?i just found out that i have a herniated disc at C5/6 and its touching my spinal cord...a day later i discover that i´m pregnant.When consulted by my neurosurgeon was told that i have to undergo surgery 2 days later i dunno where i stand i have fixed for all the appointments so lets c what they have to say just keeping my fingers crossed hope i get positive responses...any information from ur end would be of great help....Take care
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