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due 28th may 2010!

had my 2nd ultrasound yesterday and saw a nice strong heartbeat and measured 7w5d. which makes me due 28th may! we are very excited and surprised that it happened the first cycle we ttc!

everything is going along nicely and if I could disown half of my family we would have no problems at all!
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Congratulations!!!  Please keep us updated with how you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I"m SOOOO happy for you!
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The dates are not that far away between Lilly and the new baby, I think 2 is a nice difference.

There is one quote in regards to your problems that always lifts me up (and due to my own experience!):

You can always choose your friends but not your family.

Thanks why we are here :-) Hope you have a healthy pregnancy and baby :-)
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Congrats doll I'm so happy for you!
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Ow wow Congrats! I'm due on May 27th! Seems like we got pregnant at the same time, I wasn't realy planning it but we're happy :)
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