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how earlyy to see the sex of the baby

Ive seen that some people arn't very far along and their already finding out the sex of their baby. How is that possible. What do you do to find out this soon?
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My dr was telling me with the new test called the nechuial lubal test they can detect the sex as early as 13 wks but it's not 100%. They go on what they see at the time they are doing the test. Usually you find out between 13-19wks. For fun you can go to a chineese conception calendar and it will tell you a percent of what they think you are having you have to know the month you conceived. It's fun! Take care and let me know what happens!
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thank you that helps alot:)
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I was thinking the SAME thing! I didn't find out with my first until i was 17 weeks, and now i see posts of only 13 weeks of pregnancy and finding out what the sex is. It's amazing! I signed up for the Nuchal Scan that tests for down syndrome. I've heard that a lot of times, they can tell then. I have my appointment on the 6th. Can't wait!!

Good luck to you!
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well im not sure when the doctor is going to test me for down syndrome but i hope they can tell then.
and good luck t you too:)
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The test can only be performed between 10weeks and 13weeks+6 days. They very specific on the dates to get it done.
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I know it sounds ewarly but most techs can tell as earlyas week 12... not 100% but they usually have a good idea...
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So weird, my tech who did my u/s today did not tell me the sex of the baby...sh didnt even look :(
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Im 13 weeks I have a appt on the 6 I wonder if they will tell me..  That wld b nice  I really wnt to knw...bt its my first time seein dis doctor
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