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I'm 5 weeks, one day today and am wondering whether or not it's too soon to begin increasing calories. I read that rather than "eating for 2", women are supposed to take in (on average) an additional 300 calories per day. So, I am curious if it's too early to begin doing that. Any thoughts?

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I pretty much eat the same, or maybe just a little bit more, as I did before for now.  I usually eat fairly healthy anyways, but I have been more conscious about making sure I get more fruits/veggies.  Today, I snacked on quaker oatmeal squares when I felt nauseated - and that symptom just started today - ugh.  I feel like I have already gained a lot of weight even though I am only 6 weeks along - I was between 115-120lbs when I got pregnant so maybe the small amount of weight I gained seems like more, who knows.  But, I do know that some of my pairs of underwear and pants used to be loose and now they're tight - haha.
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I have been eating as necessary.  Trying to take in more veggies and fruits. I wasn't so concerned about increasing calories but more so cutting out sugars, greasy fats, etc... I would take into consideration what your current weight and body type is.  I eat so I don't dry heave or throw up...
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