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safe foods

Does anyone know whether lox and feta cheese is okay to eat during pregnancy?
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I have a list from my ob and in fact you can only eat a certain amount of feta. I didn't see lox on my list so you should be fine. I don't even pay attention to the amount of feta I'm allowed I don't bother eating anything on my list!
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I can't remember is lox raw or smoked salmon? If it is smoked salmon you are allowed to have it.
Here are some regulations I found on fish for pg women-
   1.  Do not eat Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, or Tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury.
   2. Eat up to 12 ounces (2 average meals) a week of a variety of fish and shellfish that are lower in mercury.
          * Five of the most commonly eaten fish that are low in mercury are shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish.
          * Another commonly eaten fish, albacore ("white") tuna has more mercury than canned light tuna. So, when choosing your two meals of fish and shellfish, you may eat up to 6 ounces (one average meal) of albacore tuna per week.
   3. Check local advisories about the safety of fish caught by family and friends in your local lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. If no advice is available, eat up to 6 ounces (one average meal) per week of fish you catch from local waters, but don't consume any other fish during that week.
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To be on the safe side, I always stay away from:
- raw eggs
- asparthane (found in in most diet cola and sugar-free stuff)
- Red Bull, coffee
- alcohol
- sushi
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Isabella canada. I still have coffee per my dr but I have splenda and that is not on my list of what not to have. Have you heard anything about it?
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I don't know anything about Splenda but my instinct tells me to ease off on the stuff just because it is a synthetic product that has not been around for many years... we don't really know what, if any, impact it can have on a grwoing fetus...

As for coffee, most doctors say that it's fine to have 1 or 2 a day but I've suffered miscarriages in the past and coffee, along with other things, can be linked to increased chances of miscarriage...

I love coffee, I used to go twice a day to Starbuck's for a double non-fat ice latte so it's a sacrifice for me... but I feel it's not unbearable... I often criticize pregnant women who smoke and say they can't stop... I know coffee is not as addictive as cigarettes (I used to smoke many years ago) but it is a challenge that can be overcome!
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I agree with you on the smoking thing, I smoked for 6 or so years when I found out I was pg with Noah. I quit the day I found out and haven't had one since. It really isn't THAT hard when you are doing it for your baby. I think it is just so selfish. Whoo I just got a little too worked up there.
**Calm down Gina** LOL
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