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very early pregnancy symptoms

hey just out of curiosity i was wondering if anyone had any very early pregnancy symptoms, i had tender breasts and was tired very early on, about a week after i conceived
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I actual starting feeling sick almost immeditley.  At first I thought it was the excitement and nerves, but real soon I found out it was just the begining of four months of Hel*
I think another weird one for me was being really thirsty.  
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My first sign was a sharp pain (like a cyst bursting almost but really really strong) one evening and then the next afternoon.  Never had those before.  That apparently was my body reacting to implantation.  Haven't had any since.  Also started getting hungry right away, and tired.  And alcohol tasted like C R A P... was awful.  That was at 7dpo, the night before we tested.  Got faint positives at 8dpo, got stronger each day after that.

Beyond that, tender breasts that didn't go away after 3-5 days like with my period...
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hi, i had to go to the toilet alot and went of food immediatly, could only eat porridge. tested strong positive 7dpo.

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I had implantation bleeding a few days before my missed period.  
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about a week after concieving, maybe a bit sooner, my breasts were extremely tender and i was very overly emotional for no reason. by my 3rd week, i was horribly sick. i couldn't even keep water down. i also seemed to have every symtom in the book! (minus spotting).
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