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Subchorionic Hematoma

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant.  At my routine ultrasound at 8 weeks they found a subchorionic hematoma.  They scheduled another ultrasound for 4 weeks later hoping the body would either absorb it or that I'd bleed it out.  The next ultrasound showed no changes.  Baby is growing just as he/she should be and is very active with a very strong heartbeat.  The subchorionic hematoma is still the same size.  The doctor seemed much more concerned this time and stressed to me to take it easy and don't lift anything. He scheduled another ultrasound in 4 weeks.  So I have another 2-1/2 weeks until I have that one.
I have not had ANY bleeding at all my entire pregnancy.  I've read so many stories, a lot of really sad stories, online, but the majority of those indicate that they had a lot of bleeding.  I haven't found anyone that had no bleeding at all.
I'm starting to freak out and get really scared.  Everytime I go to the bathroom I almost hope for a little bit of blood, but that idea scares me to death!
Has anyone else had the same situation??  I just really want to know what to expect.
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hi im 16 weeks and just been diagnosed with hematoma behind placenta, its 3 cm and i have not had any bleeding at all. just a few cramps im very worried to as my pregnancy was fine untill a few days ago i had sharp cramps when i got up or moved quickly. Is it not better that you dont bleed. I think youl be fine as your hematoma has not grown at all. Let me know how it goes good luck.
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It is more common to find out about these collections of blood (hematoma) by the physical bleeding (hemorrhage) than just going in for an ultrasound and randomly finding it. I found out at 13 weeks by hemorrhaging pretty severely and then spotting for the two weeks following that. Since that time, I have not had any bleeding. In my case, I had two substantially large hematomas and I guess my body couldn't reabsorb so it was expelled. I wish I knew why and at what point the body needs to expell it to make you feel better but there's no rhymn or reason. I am currently at 23 weeks and although all tests have shown that the baby is healthy, I still have the hematoma and it just seems to get bigger with each ultrasound. Your doctor may have been more concerned this time because these blood collections are much more common in the first than the second and third trimester.
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