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Oh my gosh!! It just wont let up. This whole pregnancy I've had the worst heartburn. Before I was pregnant I never ever had it. But its so bad that its waking me up in the morning. Anybody else dealing with the same thing??
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I rarely have heart burn but my mom told me she had a lot of heart burn with all her kids and they all had a full head of hair!Maybe your baby has a lot of hair.My bsby girl doesn't have much hair from what we can see in the ultrasounds.
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I thought I had it bad with the first pregnancy but this one is sooo much worse :( gaviscon is the only thing getting me through. Anything like bread, crisps, potatoes, chips, cake etc etc just finishes me off. Looking forward to it easing off when baby drops in a few weeks. Hope yours does too x
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I've had excruciating heartburn ever since about 14weeks. The only thing that's been able to get me by is my doctor have me the ok to take regular strength PepcidAC. I take it twice a day like clockwork. Good luck :)
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Yes me :( even it never leme.sleep :( :( :(
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I used to eat hot/spicy food all the time before pregnancy and almost never got hb But i can hardly eat it anymore. Most days i have heartburn for the whole day. It gets so bad sometimes i think im about to just start puking acid.
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I get heartburn so bad it wakes me up in the middle of the night all i can say is at this stage tums works wonders and ur baby will have lots of hair
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Hi, Kenziehutch!  Sorry about your heartburn, which you suffered back a couple years ago. I suffer from acid reflux/heartburn horribly!!  I have never experienced anything like this (especially with the recent feeling of vomit in my mouth and nose), waking up choking on my own vomit, it burning my throat and my ears, and this horrible "out of nowhere" gas and my upper belly has become large and hard...I know I have gained some weight, but this doesn't seem quite right!  I have never gained most of my weight in my upper belly.  This has all just started about maybe a few months ago, before that gastrointestinal issues were always an issue, just different then this!!  I literally NEVER had heartburn, ONLY when I was pregnant!!  I am 41 and the mother of 5 children, I had a hysterectomy in Feb of 2004 due to cervical cancer (this was after my fifth and last child), I had my cervix and uterus removed but still have my ovaries.  My health issues, beyond the cancer/hysterectomy, started just recently, I would have to say in the last year maybe, which includes weight gain, colitis/crones disease, normal aches/pains that come with aging, easily fatigued (use to be full of energy, now I have NONE), memory loss from having four Gran Maul Seizures (medication related), and if I haven't forgotten anything, from having a "vaginal hysterectomy", I now, for the past 2 years or so I have a very annoying prolapsed bladder!!!  Ok, so enough of my medical sob story!!  I just wanted to say that heartburn during pregnancy and that meaning your baby will have lots of hair is a total old wives tale! :-). I have 5 healthy children/adult children lol, suffered from horrible pregnancy heartburn and ALL FIVE OF MY BABIES WERE BALDER THEN DADDY WARBUCKS LOL!!!!!  Just thought I would through that out there!!  Drives me nuts that people actually still believe this because no one is correcting them!!  Anyway, I hope and pray you have gotten your heartburn issues taken control of and that you had wonderful healthy babies! <3
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