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Can anybody explain to me why you should not get induced after 40 weeks of pregnancy ? My mom swears she knows it all and swears the docs just want your medicare money by inducing when i should just wait for my babys arrival naturally. I dont wanna put myself or baby at risk for high/low blood pressure or anything harmful to our health that could interfere with her coming late. My mom swears i should just wait til she wants to come out but im afraid i will go over 42 weeks even without induction..... I have tried to explain to her that it is not good for me to go over 2 weeks after my due date that is why docs do induction.. Im just considering this even more now cause i feel like my baby wont be arriving on time and i only have 3 days left til her due date...
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Im avin a induction tuesday im nervous but dey no what dey r doin x
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I am 4 days past my due date. I will not get induced unless it is medically necessary and the reason being is, being induced does carry risks (so does every other way of birthing, but why add unnecessary risks?). Induction can cause death, it causes the baby stress, it can cause uterine rupture, amongst other things. Everyone has their own views/reasons to get induced or not get induced. These are my personal views on it. Good luck on whatever you do choose though!  
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Being induced does not cost much more than if you go naturally. Listen to your doctors. They know the risks vs benefits and have you and your baby's health as a priority.
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Being induced does have some risks; infection, higher chance of having a c section, longer/ harder labor. It's not good for the baby to go past 42 weeks as the placenta may not be able to provide all of its needed oxygen and nutrients any more. Talk to your doctor and make an informed decision. It's your baby, not your moms. I am being induced thursday, at 40+4. Still hoping for her to make an appearance between now and then but am glad to know there is an end in sight.
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I'd say try natural ways of induction before you agree to have pitocin used. As others have said, there are unnecessary risks and complications associated with it. On top of as soon as they start the pitocin, you become high risk. Babies do not react well to pitocon, which is why you hear about so many 'emergency' c-sections associated with inductions. It can cause the baby's heart rate to drop which will require a cs. Also if the induction fails, again as it often times does, you will require a cs. Not every induction fails and not every induction turns out needing a c-section, but for me personally, I want to keep that risk as far away as possible! You can request to have non-stress tests done instead if doctors are concerned. If they can't give you a good reason for an induction, I would refuse. Simply having high bp or a 'big baby' are not good reasons.
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