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stomach problems and mood swings!!!

ok...  i want to know if i'm the only one w/ some serious stomach problems here?!?!  i know i talked w/ skylynns_mom earlier and she knew hers was from a bug she had caught...  but i don't think mine is!  its like every time i eat i have to end up going to the bathroom!  anyone else???

and i also wanted to hear about your mood swing experiences...  this is our 4th pregnancy and my mood swings have NEVER been this severe!!!  dh is not here most of the time and the only ones around to catch the ugly end of it are my precious girls.  the soooo don't deserve for me to snap at them and i find myself constantly apologizing to them for mommy yelling!  i feel like i'm just about to go completely nuts w/ all the stress i'm under!  PLEASE tell me i'm not the only crazy pregnant woman in here!!!!!!!!
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No you are not the only one crazy womab. I`m very nervous all the time. I don`t have kids but my dh  is the one who "catchs the ugly end".
About your stomach problems it seems to me like a bug. But if the symptoms are present for a long period maybe you should take yoghurt or pills with lactobacillus to normalise your intestinal flora. Maybe you have some intolerance or just increased metabolism. Talk with your dr if you are concerned.
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No you are not crazy, my girls get the bad end too.  My patience is sooo short with them, and like you I apoligize and hope they accept it.  As for you stomache problem, you can always call you dr or their nurse to see if it is a bug or something else.  
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well, i'm definately glad to know i'm not the only one w/ the mood swings...  but i really do feel like there is some evil presence in me sometimes!  like i just don't know where in the hell it comes from!!!  this pregnancy needs to get over quick!!!
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my hubby is getting the worst of my mood swings.  It seems like whatever he does annoys me to no end, and I let him know it too.  I really do try to stop myself, but it just seems to come out!!  Even though I've been an evil little crow lately, he still comes up to me and will give me a hug and kiss and say, just wanted to remind you that even though you are being a butthead, I still love you!!
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awww... see now that's a good dh!!!  my dh doesn't do that!  maybe that might help me calm down a little every once in a while...  if i could get a little affection now and then!!!  he works out of town pretty much every week mon-fri so the weekends are always "rush rush, hurry hurry!!"  it sucks!!!  i told him his job HAS to change by the time the baby comes (he's only got 3 months!).  so we'll see what happens.......
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