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Baby Girl

Hi everyone...I just want you to know that I had my baby on Saturday, 2 weeks early.  We had an 8lb. 6oz. Baby Girl...Alexis Jean.  She is such a bundle of joy!!  She is our healthy miracle!!  Good Luck to all of you in this coming month with all the June babies!!  It's the greatest experience one could have!
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Congrats! That's a big girl there for 2 weeks early :-)
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Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear the birth story when you have time to update. I'm sure all the ladies who are patiently (or impatiently) awaiting their little bundles would appreciate it. Take care and  hope you'll keep us updated. :-)
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Hello Nsrchofbaby....My due date was 6/12/09, however, Alexis decided to come 2 weeks early on May 30th!  She was my first baby.  My water broke at 2:20am Saturday morning.  The hospital is 1 hour away...so we got to the hospital at 3:50am.  By the time I got into the labor room it was about 4:15am...I was 5 cm. dialated at that time (the day before I went to the doctor's and I was already 4 cm. at that time....but the baby was measuring 8lbs. 14oz....so they wanted to induce me on the following Tuesday....but that never happened!).  They gave me the epidural about 6:15am (they had to wait for blood work to come back and they were having trouble with the computer system)....Thank God I got the epidural b/c the contractions were getting alot stronger.  At 6:45am I was already 9 cm.  I know everybody has their own wishes...but I am sooo glad I got the epidural!  After I got it all I felt was a little pressure ... I was very relaxed.  I started pushing at 8:20am and I had Alexis (Lexie) at 9:54am.  I was so nervous when I first started to push...but then it came naturally.  It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Now I have my beautiful daughter!  Good Luck to all of you and please keep us updated on how your pregnancies go!
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Many many Congrats!
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