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How is everyone?

Hi ladies, sorry it's been so long. I'd been going through a lot (my father had a relapse healthwise) which I may go into detail later. Anyway, how are all of you and your little ones doing? Aaliyah is doing great, 5 months old now, still no teeth, stands with minimal support, very active. Just getting over a minor case of the flu, luckily nothing serious. Well, I'll try to get on more often and hope to hear from you all soon. Take care!!!
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Medina and I are good. She'll be 5 months on the 9th. Amazing how time flies!!! She loves to roll from back to stomach, has been since about a month. Other way around is too boring! I'm still exclusively breastfeeding and loving it. Will start her on either pumpkin or carrot at the end of the month, she always wants to eat when we do and it is recommended to start babies on solids close to six months (WHO recommends breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months). She is so enraptured by our cats, lol can't take her eyes off them.

The big news is I hope a job offer back in Sydney which I have accepted. I will fly with my hubby and Medina in early March. The job starts in mid-April and my Mum has offered to take care of her for 2 days a week which is nice. My husband has to come back to Germany and we will be separated for 6 months which is really hard but if I don't accept the job we are unsure of whether things will work out here with my husbands research projects. If they do then we both have jobs assured in Berlin and I will come back with Medina even though I don't want to. Sydney is my home and the people are so different to here, much more friendly and multi-cultural and not so racist like they are here. I don't want my daughter growing up here and having the support of my family is very important, more so now that I have Medina, now you realise how hard it is when you're alone.

Medina is teething. I swear she had a tooth, confirmed by her grandma and now it's gone!!!!! We did the spoon test and we heard it but I think her gums are quite swollen (she's been teething since ca. a month) perhaps covering it. I can't explain it otherwise. She has her 3rd set of shots tomorrow - no fun.

Hope you're well and hope your Dad gets better.

P.S. I think I am the only one of us who regularly comes online. Hardly anybody else does!!
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Hey girls!  I come on here all the time, but mostly in the July group bc there's more activity!
Cash is doing great - we are working on rolling over.  It is driving me nuts!  He did it a few times a month ago and now won't do it at all.
He loves sitting up and practicing "standing" in my lap or in his jumperoo.  At his 4 month appt he was 18lbs 2oz!  Chunky Monkey!  
He is definately teething - has been for almost a month now, but no tooth yet.  Just really swollen bottom gum, lots of drool and chomping on his toys like its going out of style!
He just started rice cereal from a spoon and loves it!  He started being really interested in our food and crying for it, so our dr. said it was time.  We tried it and he took it like a champ - no spitting it out.  He loves it and wants us to feed it to him really fast.  He grunts at me if I take to long with the next spoonful - so funny!  He gets messy with it now too bc he tries to take the spoon in his own hands.  Last night he had cereal in his ear, hair, on his elbow and knee and even in the corner of his eye and up his nose!!!  He was laughing away though.
I miss all the activity on here bc I love hearing how everyone is doing.
I also send well wishes for your dad!
And congrats on the new position zaz!!
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Thanks ladybugbob! Looking forward to going back home and seeing my family. Haven't met one nephew and a niece (new additions in the last 18 months) and have stocked up on pressires fr the kids, so will be delighted to see them all. And warmer weather too. Yay!!!!
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