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Hunter Levi arrived 20-6-09 10.12oz 54cm!!!

Ok so...
friday had an antenatal, you no that feeling when u go to the gym and i havent worked out in so long and ur legs etc are sooo painfull, thats how i felt, knackard!
they said i didnt have any signs of labour soon tho
friday night in bed i had a few bh contractions but my tummy ached a bit with stabby pains i thought i had eaten something nasty
got up to pee pee a few times at about 6am i nearly got to the loo and instead left a puddle of wierd looking watery stuff on the floor lol
i go "michael my waters just broke"
poor guy i think he was more worried then i was lol
i called up the hospital told them and said id head in after i have a shower etc
called up the father inlaw told him to head around and take us in in about 30min
i waddled around doing bits my mobile and home phone were both dead, stupid me left them on the floor with my laptop all nite
when i got in the car the contractions started a bit
they broke the rest of my waters because it was the behind waters that broke or something?
i was 3cm and they said that it would all be over and done with fast since it was all happening quickly
contractions were 1-2min apart and lasting ages, it was ****, this was from 7.30 until 3.30 in the afternoon and at 3.30 when she tells me im only 4cm dialated i demanded an epi
so off to the high risk section i went
the doctor was trying to talk me through the risks of one, so i was yelling at him saying how i dont give a **** i no i can end up a cripple just put it in my back now!
he did it and it didnt work only numbed my left leg, so i had to wait put up with another contraction then they had to re prep the area put up with another one then they put it in
finally when it started to work i thought i was in heaven i never thought id feel so good again!
finally 6.30pm, im 10cm dialated and im told i can push! ill see him in about an hour!
9pm she tells me she better get a doc in since bubs heart rate is dropping and my bp is going up and he needs out
9.10ish doc comes in and gets ready to get him out
9.38pm he arrives!!!!
so much for the quick delivery!

He was taken away from me and put in the special care nursary because he had low blood sugar it was really depressing i hated not having him there and i ended up being anemic and now look like an albino.
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oh and he is now 10days old and already over 5kgs!
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Congratulations! Sounds like you had a long, hectic labor but in the end it's always worth it. And how quickly the days fly by huh! I hope you and the baby are doing well and can't wait to see the baby pics. Thanks for the L&D story! :-)
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Thanks for sharing your delivery story, and Congratulations. Post lots of pictures!!!
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Congrats, that's a big baby :-) My princess was born 4060 g and now weighs 4515 g, so you're both doing good :-)
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Congratulations girl!!  Well done.  I can't wait to see a picture of the little man.  
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