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New First Time Mom-to-Be

As a new member to this website and community, I wanted to introduce myself.  This is my second pregnancy for my first baby.  I miscarried in June at 9 weeks but did not need a D & C.  I am now 17 weeks and due on June 1, 2009.  

My husband and I are super excited to be parents. We were high school sweathearts that dated for 8 years and have been married for 1.5 years.  We also have two dogs Ginger (a cockerspaniel poodle mix) and Snap ( a maltese poodle mix).  (Get it Ginger Snap.. like the cookie.. hehe)

My pregnancy has been complicated from the start.  I suffered depression since 2007 and ended up tapering off medication for the first trimester with my doctors approval to help the baby's development.  I started getting depressed again during the second trimester and my doctor put me on antidepressants until I found out that I actually have Bipolar Disorder Type II (with highs and lows but no hallucinations/delusions).  Currently, I am on no medication because my one psychiatrist did not know was safe for me and the baby.  I am waiting until January 5 to see a perionatologist psychiatrist, who will hopefully give me the treatments that I desperately need.

I'd love to find some friends to discuss all our pregnancy and parenting experiences.  

Happy Holidays! This is my last ultrasound taken at 11 weeks 4 days.
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Hi Maureen,

Welcome to the group. I have Bipolar Disorder  II as well and definitely know how hard it can be. My Psychiatrist told me no meds due to the baby developing spina bifida or a cleft palate so I definitely agreed. I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy. =)
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Welcome to the forum and Congrats! I hope things get a little easier for you and that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. My EDD is June 2nd so we're right there together. Take care :)
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Hello everyone,

Im new this group and new to motherhood. This is my first pregnancy!!! Im sooo nervous yet excited!! I was in complete denial ( i took 3 different home pregnancy test and went to the Hospital). I am a young professional (22 yrs old working in the fashion industry). My boyfriend is a Carpenter (opposites attract lol). He is extra happy and excited. I hope you ladies can help me adjust to this wonder new experience.
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