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I had sex on august 13, 2018, the guy pulled out, I was due for my period august 25th. I traveled and on the 26th, i woke up with blood in my underwear and wore a tampon/pad 4 days. I figured it was my normal period. I than had sex in sept 2 and 8 with another guy. About two and half weeks I started feeling nausea and than when I was suppose to have my period it didn’t come. I took a test the first missed day and it was faded than 4 days after and it was clear. I went to the doctor oct 6 and they said I was 6 weeks 3 days going off of my lmp in august. Is there a chance it could be be guys a. Everything adds up to guy b, and if it was to be guy a, than the doctors have been about a month off. All my appointments are still going toward the due date june 1. Just want to see if i am sure that it is guy b.
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