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Sad, Dr. wont do Gender scan until Jan 13th!

So I went to my dr's appt yesterday excited because I thought he would do the gender scan but nope, the nurse said that dr doesn't like to do them until after 20 wks for some reason. :( They did draw blood to check for the possibility of Downs Syndrome, neural tube defects, etc. I was told I would receive a call in about a week if there was anything to be concerned about. So that's my update, sorry I didn't post yesterday I was just a lil bit sad after my appt. But all is well with the baby, the dr found the hb right away so that helped calm some of my fears. Anyway, hope all you ladies are doing well. Take care.
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My doctor won't do the gender scan till 20 weeks either.  =(
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i will have my blood tests done on 24th and Im nervous about this and u saying that results can take around week? i dont know how i will do this
i have my u/s on Jan 18th and this will be 19 weeks and i will not leave the office without finding out the gender!!!
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Well it seems we have to wait until sometime in January to find out what we're having but hopefully the extra month will make it easier to determine the gender without much room for error. :)

asia4: I asked the nurse how long it would take to get my results and she said that it would take about a week and that I would only be contacted in case there was something to be concerned about. I know the waiting is the hardest part. I hope that you do find out what you're having on Jan 18th, I think 19 weeks would be a good time. That is, unless you have a dr like mine LOL.

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thats wierd my midwife at my appointment made a note saying i can have mine between 16-20wks!
im waiting till jan 30 tho... i can have mine any date from jan 7th, i made a thread asking if i should have it at 16wks and most said wait a few extra wks
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my scan....to check growth, and hopefully get gender as well is scheduled for Jan 6th....that will make me 18weeks and 3 days....hopefully the little bugger is cooperative and lets us see the "goods"....lol
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