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high sugar

OK so I went for some testes yesterday, I had u/s and its still a girl!!!!! she measures perfectly at 28 weeks and 2 days, weight 2lb and 8 oz. So that part is OK, the bad news are that my sugar level was soooooooo high, the correct is 135 mine was 239. They are not sending me even for 3 hour test as my results are so high. I have a specialist app on Tuesday, I will meet with doctor and somebody to discuss my diet. Just great!!!!! Does anybody else have a high sugar? Please I need some help, I just dont know what to think about this. I was thinking that maybe I wasnt eating right? Im thin so I took advantage of being pregnant and I was eating whatever I wanted including a lot sweets, soda but besides that I had a lot of good stuff. Im cooking myself so no junk food, a lot veggies, fruits, dairy. I was thinking that if I had a good meals a litlle bit of sugar will not kill me!!!!!!!! I guess I was wrong.
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Your sugars are high with my first pregnancy I had GD and so they tested me early this time and I had it with this little guy too. That's great that the baby is still a good size I was measured at 28weeks 3 days and my boy was 3lbs. 9 oz. already. I would definitely see what they recommend for your diet just be careful with the white bread and rice because those turn to sugar. Diet control didn't work for me so I have to do insulin shots but if you can control GD with diet that would be wonderful. Keep us updated and good luck.
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thanks a lot, how high was your sugar>? was everything fine with your firts pregnancy? I was reading a little bit in internet and after few pages I stoped, they saying about delivery problems, health issues for babies. Just could take this!!!! I dont need this stres.
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Hi asia, so sorry to hear that you're going through this. I too was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes this pregnancy. My level at the 1 hr screen was 162 and I failed the 3 hr GTT because of my 1 hr result, the 2 and 3 hr results were normal. But still, I was referred to the diabetes center where they have put me on a diet. I have been able to keep my diabetes under control with moderate exercise and the diet and luckily it seems as though I wont be needing insulin at all. It's very important that you make every effort to follow whatever diet is recommended in your situation as your glucose levels can affect the baby. I was told uncontrolled GD can lead to larger babies, which puts you at higher risk for requiring a Cesarean section and it can also affect the baby's lung development which may result in breathing problems at birth. Many times it is necessary to induce labor early because the baby is measuring so much larger than it should and unfortunately sometimes the lungs don't mature at the same rate as the body. Try to take it one day at a time and know that you haven't done anything wrong, sometimes the hormones just become too much for our bodies to handle. The important thing is that you start eating properly (even when we think we're eating healthy, we may not be eating the correct portions, combinations of food, etc.) from now on. Your specialist will help you figure out what diet plan is right for you and you will no longer be allowed to eat or drink the sweets you love. It's hard sometimes, I must admit. But I think you'll find it's worth it in the end. Good luck. :)
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Oh, and try to relax...stress WILL also affect your levels!!! Crazy, I know. But do try to take things in stride. I'll keep you in my prayers.
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I had GD with my first pregnancy and again with my current one. I am on medication for it, not insulin. So far we are ok.  My little one is measuring 2 wks ahead. At 24wks she measured 1lb 11oz. So yeah My first DD was born 3wks early at 7lb 3oz
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My fasting was around 200 and then they had me do the 3 hour and I can't remember the numbers but I guess they were high. Don't worry though hun, the baby is a good size and now that you know you can curb the sweets. My son was 10 lbs. but I was able to have a vaginal delivery and he came the exact day predicted. You'll be fine. =)
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thanks girls, Im hopping everything will be fine and with good diet I will make to my due date. My little girl is fine, she measures exactly 28 weeks so she didnt grow too much. Tuesday I have my doc app so I will know more, I will do everything to keep her healthy. I lost my baby before and I know how painful is that, I want her to be healthy and strong but not necessary 10 lb LOL.
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i cant do the test that u guys have had (that one where u drink the glucose drink) because im alergic to the drink they give u, im having a blood test and a pin ***** tho on the 2nd will they be able to tell what my sugar levels are like by doing that?

also how come u had a ultrasound this far along asia? i want another one but i dont no if they will let me because i dont think there compulsary?

i hope everything is ok hun, these days they no how to be alot safer with this sort of stuff so i hope that it all goes well and that u dont have to cut sweets out ur diet! because that would suck! lol
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Sorry to hear about the high sugars.  I have my GTT today, and I am not looking forward to it.  I had an u/s about 3 weeks ago, and things looked normal.  Am I the only one who HATES getting on that scale?  I just love to hear my MALE ob-gyn talk about how much weight you should gain, but I still have pretty bad nausea and occasional morning sickness, so eating is the only thing that helps sometimes.  I hope things get better.
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Hey mapes, just wanted to say good luck at your 3 hr GTT...take some magazines!!! I failed mine due to the 1 hr result, I think it should've been under 180 and mine was a 182 so I just missed it. I don't hate stepping on the scale as much as I hate telling people how much I've gained because everyone wants to comment like they have PhD's!!! I've only gained 6 lbs thus far which my nurses and doctor seem to think is fine because the baby is measuring as she should. But everyone wants to comment and say that I should eat more and blah blah blah. Truth is, I'd been eating just as I did before I got pregnant (burgers, pizza, etc.) until I was diagnosed with GD. Now I still eat plenty (6 times a day) just a little healthier. But oh am I missing my sweets...can't wait til I can have a Snickers, ice cream, and my beloved Mocha Frappuccinos. **sigh**

Lissyloo---Maybe you can ask your dr to order a glucose monitor for you so that you can check your glucose levels after your meals. I'm testing 4 times a day right now. The first I do while fasting (as soon as I wake up), then I check again 2 hrs after breakfast, lunch, and supper. I was told that as long as it's between 65-130 it's good. I think they should find an alternate method to keep you and the baby on the safe side. Oh I also wish I could have another U/S soon! I'm starting to see my dr every 2 wks now so maybe I'll beg for one at my next appt. LOL.

Hope all you ladies are doing well! We're almost there!!!!!
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Ok so Im after my visit!!! Wasnt that bad. I have diet and glucose monitor to check sugar 4 times a day. After I found out about my high sugar (239 at firts test) I canceled all soda, chocolate and seweets and my level today after brekfast was owesome-82. I didnt even know we will be doing test today but they showed us how to use monitor. I was the only one with so low level, all other girls were between 140-160. Then I had a doc visit and he said my results were very, very high, the worst in the group so I was the only one who didnt take 3 hours test but he was very happy about my morning result. He said that means I care and I will do everything to keep them low not counting on insuline. Was happy to hear this. The other thing he said was that if I will keep my sugar low my pregnancy will be not in bigger danger then if I will not have GD!!! Thats good news.
Lissyloo- I had my U/S last week due to the last U/S done in 18 and 21 weeks of pregnancy. There was some old blood cloth in my placenda and they wanted to check if this get any bigger or not. Thanks God it didnt!!!! Normaly they said I will not have any more U/S unless I will measure wrong in one my doc app.
Nsrchofbaby- You can ask them for U/S due to GD. This condition its making your pregnancy high risk and they should monitor you closer, this is what I was told. Tell your doc you worry if the baby is OK because of GD even if your levels are good. Im hopping they will make some more U/S for me later to just make sure the baby is growith correctly.
And question to all of you. Is your little one that active? Oh God what she is doing sometimes!!! I cant beleive it. She is kicking all day long and some of them are really good ones. Is taht normal she is so active?
Take care all of u!!!!
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That's completely normal to be so active.  Have you been able to notice periods of time when the baby is active and periods when the baby is asleep?  Is it on a regular schedule, or does it change every day?  I have noticed that he moves usually between 5 and 6 in the morning, around lunch time, and early afternoon, then usually around 10.  There are lots of other random movements, but these seem to be the times he is most active.  I'm glad to hear your follow-up went well, and good luck for a healthy pregnancy.
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yeah she has active hours, in the morning just after Im getting to work, then before lunch and then late evening around 8-9pm and then she is active for long time. Sometimes Im thinking how its will be after delivery to not feel this anymore? In other hand I cant wait to have her in my arms. Only 77  days left!!!!
Anyway.... Im teesting my sugar level and Im starting thinking they made some mistake with my tests. My 1 hour test came back with 239 so I didnt have 3 hour. Now I have 72-115 after meals (2 hours) and I dint change a lot, oh OK Im not drinking coke but today for lunch I had very sweet mango juce ( I shouldnt acording to my diet) and my test was 111. What is going on? There is no way that my results are so different sudenly. Just dont understand this. Im planning on having something very sweet tomorrow and test after hour to see my level.
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I just got my phone call today - regular 1 hour test came back 164.  I go for the 3 hour test tomorrow morning.  I am only 5' tall and prepregancy weight was 106.  I have gained 17 lbs so far - exactly what the dr. said I should so I wasn't even thinking about GD.  I hope my 3 hour test goes well - but either way - no more sugary snacks for me.  I love my carbs so that will be a little tough -pasta, orzo, rice, etc... Right now that is all that sounds good to me!  Seems like chicken and veggies for a while!  wish me luck tomorrow.
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Result of 3 hour glucose...
My fasting was 67, 1 hour - 160, 2 hour - 163, 3 hour - 120.  The 2 hour was a bit over the high max but the rest fell within the range.  No GD for me!!!  I am still cutting out some carbs and the extra sugary stuff.  Feeling good but not sleeping well...
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