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prenatal activities

OK ladies I hope u will help me a bit. I have no hobbies besides fishing and here in New England in February u can forget this. Im so borred!!!!!! I need to do something. Unfortunatelly Im not rich and prefer saving for my coming little one so I dodnt want spend money on some expensive activities. Im looking for anything that will keep me busy. I cant paint, I cant remodel my house due to pregnancy, I need to be carefull as I had m/c before. I found some yoga calsses around my home but its only once a week. I will go anyway but what about 6 other days? My husband working night shift so its just me, I cant sleep and I cant go to the bar for a beer............Please help me!!! I have at least 2 months like that, then I have some family plans for April and May so I will be busy. But now........its cold, awfull and borrring.
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Well I know that one of my favorite hobbies is very inexpensive...Reading!!! I haven't really had much downtime for whatever reason despite the fact that I'm not working, but as soon as I start having lazy days I'm gonna try to buy at least one good book a week. I love sitting down or lying back with a good book for hours. If that's not your thing then you could also take up some kind of arts and crafts project where you can build or design something for the baby's room. :)
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yeah books are good and I love reading, I read 2-3 books a week and its kind of expensive because Im reading in polish and I need to buy books trough the internet, I cant go library.
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I am not creative whatsoever!  Here in Denver it's hard to get outside and feel comfortable.  I have found that my local library is really cool - comfy chairs in front of a fire - ahhh.  I wander around and look at cook books for dinner ideas, magazines that I would never buy!,  the daily newspapers.  The local coffee shop has some great seating too and it gets me out of the house.  I get tea or something to snack on.  Crosswords, sudoku, reading, keeps my mind busy...
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