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who els is due june 24?

hey everyone
i found out today im due 24th of june!
i thought it was the 14th of june but the ultrasound today showed different i must have ovulated rather late in the cycle!!

last period was the 12th of sept, my baby has a heart beat of 141, i have a photo of the scan that i will try to get on my comp tommorow :D

so excited!
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Hey girly congrats!!  So your due June 24 I am due June 22, unless the ultra sound tells me next time other wise.. I already gotten an ultra sound but they couldnt see anything just two sac and you know what that means twins perhaps OMG but the sac was  empty .. the ultra sounds detects that i am 4weeks though so i dont know yet.... I am due to check my hcg levels on Monday and my hcg levels are going up every time im at 8200 at this point ...and im in for another ultra sound wednesday .. Im hoping that by then i would be able to see something more then nothing.. I am scared that it could of  will get a m/c but I will keep my faith in the Lord and trusting in him..

anyways girl keep me posted on how is things goin for you and i shall do the same. so take care and kisses to your belly ;)
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wow that sounds confusing disney, u do no tho since ur not very far along there still is a chance they will find something in the 2nd sac? thats what happend to my frend!!

how are u getting ur hcg levels checked? i have had 2 blood tests so far, is there another way i can get it done?

good luck hun!! let me no how u go it will be fantastic if we have a due date around the same time!
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Hey girly, thanx for replying back to me. Im hopin that today your feeling great!! Well im glad that tomorrow I will be checkin my levels again.. by Tuesday i will get results so i will deff let you know my levels if they rise or decrease.. Well Lissyloo Im getting my levels check a lot it's because my doc ob has been requesting it.. Since I was bleeding brown or spotting so there are paying to close attention at me.. I have been getting it every other day but .. This time it has been a torture for me to wait a week to get it check.. Im praying that the levels skies rocks.... be tomorrow ..but girly if you want to get your levels check talk to your ob and tell them... well girly about your friend being able to see the other sac thats cool very nice i hope that I will bable to see something or to hear something atleast you know!! well take care and i will keep you posted.. tell me how have you've been?
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oh i see, yea thats what they were doing with me until i had my ultrasound and saw a heartbeat they havent told me to have another one, i might ask for another one in about a wk

today im feeling a bit better then most mornings! i dont feel as sick or yuck as i have lately so its good :)

i hope that ur blood test levels to sky rocket so u can feel less stressed because i know now how stressfull it can be not knowing whats going on its a horrible feeling

in about 21 days i think it is i have my appointment with a midwife where they talk to me for about an hour and a half and organise all the hospital stuff and medical info etc, and then they book me into another ultrasound for about 2wks after that, so its so far away till my next one :(

how have u been feeling?

lana :)
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Hi lana: How are you doing today? Well im so glad to hear from you and of course oh so quickly.. i'm happy to know that you was feeling better yesterday then most days .. :)
im doing ok just relaxing and staying focus.. bye tomorrow I willknow whats up with my levels.. So as soon as I find out I will tell you.. I havent yet  gotten sick to my tummy not at all.. My breast is a tiny bit tender.. I have indeed gone to many x to the bathroom that i forgot to count he he LOl! and thats pretty much it.. Im happy that everything is going super for you .. Im praying for you so please keep in touch

hugs muah xoxo

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im pretty emotional today :( and yesturday aswel, i have put on a fair bit of weight lately (i dont think its due to being pregnant just being lazy) and all my emotions have just made me feel down i keep thinking that im going to end up huge and not be able to loose the weight once i have the bub
im getting up twice a nite to go the loo! i never use to get up lol its so annoying i know how u feel always needing to go atm lol

how are ur levels?? hope u got good news hun

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Hey Lissyloo, Im hopin that your doing good today and your baby too;)  girl sorry about your weight hey girly dont think to much of it and go with the flow.. Just think that it is all worth it cuz remember your carrying a baby .. and I know that when you have this baby you will be back to your weight .. Trust me stop stressing over it.. Be healthy and enjoy your belly growing and the couple of pounds that we might pack up...  Tell your mind to shut up.. You look beautiful and thats that.. lol! But if it makes you feel beta mamma I all so sky rockect the scale oh trust me.. your tyalking to a girl who was wearing a size 1 and that number one turn out to be a number 6 so dont feel bad im not hurting so you dont hurt you can do this and so can I.. Listen im hear for you so cheer up.. muah love ya. Oh yeah b-4 i go I got my levels drawn on Monday and I got my results yesterday and it came out back great! from a 8,200 I got an 17,000 so they like that my levels are rising and so do i.. even though girly Im a little bit sad cuz they did my u/t today and they still couldn't see much nor hear it... They atleast got to see the yolk sac. I'm hoping that thats a good thing, and that next time I get my u/t they can see more. Last time they only saw a empty sac nothing more and the tech thought that she maybe saw a yolk sac but she questioned it she wasnt for sure? So today she said yay we see a yok sac finally ..  I could say that I see it clear. so that did made me feel good. But i was hoping to see my baby im sad oh well please keep me girly on your prayers and I will keep you posted as always muah
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huuuun im soooo happy for u!!!!!!!!!!!!
but dont be sad because when my levels were 19000 they didnt see anything besides a yolksac, in about a wk and a half they might be able to see a heart beat, u will be ok :) yea i am feeling alot better about the weight thing now, thanks heaps darl! i no its just part of pregnancy, im not going to go out of my way to live off salad and veggies and low calorie foods because then i wont enjoy the pregnancy as much ill eat what i want and just try to excersize a bit so i dont end up too overweight hehehe, when is ur next ultrasound?  next time u will see more :) i read that at 8wks the babys nearly an inch long?? is that true? beacuse at 6wks mine was only 5milimeters long lol so tiny! and i thought far out if its going to be an inch in 2wks thats just crazy lol
xoxooxox glad to hear from u and glad ur levels are good!!! mwa take care of urself
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Hi girly, well first of all it makes me feel beta to know that perhaps I still got hope to see more on the other ultra sound.. Im praying and Holding on to God.. My other U/S it's on Tuesday so I will keep you posted..  Whats going through my mind is why haven't the doc called me back and read the results of the U/S and he hasnt schedule me for another level check. Of course Im thinking worst of the worst assuming that the doctor knows but he doesnt want to tell me.. In this stage where I am at. I really would want to hear the truth so i can carry on with my life my activities.. I am a hairsylist/nail tech and I am a zumba instructor.. I need to get back to where I was.. But if I have to hold on I will I must first know that everything is in order for me that everything is A ok! then I will do it.. But until then I have to relax and take it easy but .. I wish that he would give me a buzz. and tells me whats up..  well girly kep me in your prayers.. I am glad to hear that your not worry about your weight thats good of course enjoy your pregnancy and all the yummy food that you crave for eat it.. But of course small portion and drink tons of water and do your workout thats a A+ all the way girly..  so take care hit me back when you can.. and
god bless love ya muah
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Hi Ladies Im Due June 19th Getting Bad Headaches And Dizzyness Good Luck To You All.X
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I am!  Just went for our first scan yesterday.  Showing 9 weeks and due June 24th with you!

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My EDD is June 25th.. one day later than you unless the u/s tells me any different.  Congratulations!

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WOOHOO ok ladys make sure we keep in contact with each other on this board because im soooo happy that there are so many of us due around the same few days!

sorry i havent been on lately i have been up and down with my partner and busy trying to sell stuff in my house to make more room lol

disney how did ur other ultrasound go hun im dying to no i hope all is well!
my first appointment is on tuesday at the hospital with a midwife its going to be an hour and a half long but no ultrasounds or anything they are giong to book one for me

i hope all is well at my next one
xxx mwa
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i am due on the 23rd/24th June, i don't have my first scan till 16th December when i'll be 13 weeks, this is my 3rd pregnancy and hopefuly this time it will be straight forward! Good luck to you all and Condratulations!!!!!!
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hey niky mine is on the 9th of dec good luck with urs its annoying having to wait for them lol i wish i could just get one done now!

has anyone ever been able to know the sex at 12wks?
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