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Baby Blues

Did anyone expereince baby blues? If so how did you feel?
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I think i did for the first week or two, i felt very sad and like i wasnt taking good care of my baby and cried ALOT! looking back now I see how I was not myself but when it was happening I didnt see it..

do you think you are experiencing the baby blues? If so how are you feeling?
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I have had a couple of meltdowns so far..... one in hospital when i was having trouble breast feeding, had gastro and had a lot of midwifes all telling me different things.
Since i have been home, i have gone up into the bathroom a couple of times and had a cry. It usually happens when i havent had enough sleep. Also i have a history of depression so have to be careful. They say sleep deprivation is one of the risk factors to getting post natal depression.
Just make sure you are getting little naps in the day when  bubs is asleep. Also, it is usual to feel sad at day 3.
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I knew I had the baby blues when i felt like I could not possibly mother my child. It went away after about two weeks but it was definitley an overwhelming feeling. I just wondered how many other mothers in the group expereinced the bb's.
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I guess not alot ... Glad we dont feel like that anymore :)
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I had them in the hospital. I had break down thinking about the one I lost before I had this one. I got over it talking to someone. Since this is the second go around I figured out when the bb's are coming on and counter act them with a list of things I am grateful for and soon I feel better. Also I am trying to do things that make me smile like taking a walk or having a good laugh with a friend.
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