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Baby Sleep Schedule

I am trying to get my baby on a sleep schedule and it's very challeging to say the least. Does anyone have their baby on a schedule. Also my baby does not take long naps, she takes little cat naps (15-25mins at a time). Any suggestions on how I can help her sleep better would be greatly appreciated.
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OMG join the club on nap times!! the only time he will sleep longer is in his swing or on my chest .. outside. other then that its short power naps.
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I was in the same club and my mom said put him down and I did. Also I wipe him down with a nice warm towel, give him a bottle and lay him down. When ever he will not go and he gets fussy I make sure he is dry and fed. Then I put him in his swing and let him yell. The funny thing is I fall asleep listening to his cries. He is getting use to it and returning to long naps and going to bed. I do know that everyone says what ever you do be consistant about it and do not give in and the baby will learn. Hope it works out.
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I gave my son a night time routine. he goes to sleep anywhere from 8-9 depending on his last nap. But he gets a bath or wiped down every night, followed by a story, then a bottle. He's out in 20mins and sleeps until about 530/6ish. Then he gets another bottle and sleeps until 9:30a.  

Now the daily naps we are still working on. Because he too is a cat napper lol. Today I decided to let him cry it out...I only lasted 6 mins. They say 20 mins of crying is ok and it normally only takes 3 days to get them use to the naps. I'll let you know when and if I make it lol. I can tell he is sleepy but it just fighting the sleep. He normally goes to sleep about an hour and a half after a bottle. So I just pay attention to his sleepy eyes and try to get him down when I see it.  Let me know if you find something else that works.
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