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Breech Baby

I'm 34 weeks and found out that my baby is in a breeched posiiton. Does she stiill have time to turn? At point will she be to large to turn to the correct position. I've heard that some babies turn at the last minute and I hope that happens to me. Anyone else in the same boat or have had a similar experience in the past?
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I was told the same thing at my last appointment, but I have a scheduled c-section. Although I still read about breech babies and everything says you still have time to turn the baby around with out assistance.If you are attending birthing classes I would talk to the teacher as well as the doctor. My little one is stubborn. I have turned him a couple of times by doing getting on all four and stretching my back, but he just flips back. Some babies are stubborn. I hope yours is more cooperative and turns for you. Good Luck
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How far along are you?
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Yes there is still time. I'm also 34 weeks, we were concerned that mine was breech at my last appt. my Dr. said that now is not the time to be concerned with that anyways bc they're not in their final position yet.  And even if he was, they would still be able to attempt to turn him.
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There is still some time! Some babies wait until the last minute. You could also try some exercises to get her to turn. I googled it, because when I was 27-28 weeks baby was in a frank breech and I had a horrible time breathing and catching my breath. So I tried some exercises where you lay on the floor and prop your hips up at least 12 inches on some pillow with your legs bent, and I did this for 2 days for maybe like 5-10 minutes each time. No lie, within 3-4 days, she flipped! I was actually shocked and relieved that I could breathe again. My midwife said I really didn't need to worry until I got to 33-35weeks and then we could try something, but I was desperate to breathe! lol So far, she is still head down thankfully. Hopefully your little one will turn soon.
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They can still turn or if they don't you can encourage them to turn. Kneel on the floor and place your elbows on a exercise ball and do some rocking back and forth. Also if sitting at a desk or on a sofa.make sure your knees are always lower than your hips. As a last resort the midwife and ostetrician vs. Try some methods to turn your baby.
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Thanks for all the good advice. I will keep you posted. As of today she is still breeched and facing my back. Hopefully some the above mention methods with cause her to turn,
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Hello All,

Just wanted to update everyone about my baby's current birthing position. I went to the doctor to get a Bio Physical and NST and learned that she has flipped into the head down position. I hope she stays that way. Thanks for all your encouragement and advice. :-).
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Good news on the baby flipping!  I hope she stays that way for you. :-)  
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Thanks. What a relief. Now the waiting game begins. I hope she decides to make her entry sooner rather that later. :-)
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