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Colostrum / milk discharge

Just wondered if any of you already experience colostrum / milk discharge from your breasts? I am just over 29 wks & non thus far ... I had colostrum / milk discharge very early in my last pregnancy (15yrs ago) - maybe its dried up after all this time? lol
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I'm 30 wks today and I have not noticed any yet...but I do have some "crusty" stuff goin on right in the middle of my nips. Sorry if TMI  :)
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Yep, I noticed it really early this time - in the 1st trimester - but it doesn't always come out - only if I squeeze on my nipples - lol.  I actually haven't tried in several weeks to get any to come out, but I notice I have a tiny bit of dry white stuff on my nipples, probably dried up discharge - maybe it's the "crusty" stuff Kara_robbie has.  

I did NOT have any with my first baby until right before he was born.  This time I found out I was pregnant 4 days after I stopped nursing him when he was 10 months old - probably why I had discharge so soon.
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haha I have that crusty stuff too, I thought it was dry skin. But it is like right in there hahaha
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I seem to have that "crusty stuff" too, but not always, same as you Manderella2 I thought it to be a bit dryness! lol .. have not tried squeezing my nipples yet
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I am 30 weeks this week with no colostrum. Can only see some white dry stuff in the centre of my nipples.
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I am currently breastfeeding while pregnant (My 20 month old, while 32 wks, 3 days gestation) so I am definitely not one to compare to… but you have probably noticed by now how much pregnancies vary, and just because you do not leak colostrum before having the baby, doesn’t mean that you have dried up and will not be able to produce enough milk. Remember once this baby comes, his/her stomach is only the size of a marble, so a very little amount will be enough. I wish you the best through your pregnancy and breastfeeding sister. :)

But same as you, w/ my first I started leaking pretty early... although it was only 20 months ago, not 15 years lol. :) (I would've liked a little more spacing between mine, but uh... BF isn't the best form of contraceptive haha, that and I react to progestrin which all BC contains)
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I'm leaking construe and a tiny bit of milk but I wasn't six months ago when I checked as I have a two yr old daughter do u think this means I am preggas again as I don't want to b????? Xx
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Lol colostrum not construe.x
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