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Getting so scared

of giving birth!! I honestly feel like I'm going to have this baby this week. My contractions seem to be regulating as of this morning. And I can feel the baby pushing down on me. Some of the contractions are in my back, which totally ***** by the way! But I'm starting to think that I am not mentally prepared for the pain of labor and delivery. And it could happen at any moment =( OMG. Please tell me that this is normal.
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Are you planning on having an epidural?
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Try and relax while you can - you'll get through labor just fine!  Think of how many eons women have been birthing babies - you can do it too!! :-)  Yep, it's painful, but it's funny how much of the pain you forget about once your baby is in your arms.  I was induced and had an epidural with my first baby (who knows how this one will go in the next couple weeks), so I didn't go the "all natural" way myself, but even if that is what you do, you will be OK.  Prayers for a great delivery!  Keep us posted.  Can't wait to "meet" your little baby! :-)  
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No, I don't want an epidural, I also didn't plan on having back labor...which it seems like I'm having. If I continue to have back labor I will most likely get an epidural.
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Relax you can do this, everything you need is inside you. It is normal to be nervous, but remember you are not alone. You will do fine. Just breath and know there are no mistakes for you just learning experiences. You can make it through every contraction and moment. You will do fine with the pain and everything.  
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Awh I know how you feel, but just know that your doing it all so you can see that little baby of yours thats been growing inside you!!

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Its normal, just relax, when the delivery is over, you will forget all about the pain! Blessings
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I'm freaked about labor also. I've only had a few braxtons and those arent fun. I'm just sitting around waiting to go in to labor now lol. waiting to lose my mucus plug and water to break. That sounds so crazy to me...but that's pretty much what i'm doing!

Had my cervix checked last week and everything is sealed up tight! I hope tomorrow when she checks its moving along.
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I too am freaking out.  I have a planned c-section for June 3rd, so my fear is a little different...  I don't have the fear of pain, but just general fear.  I almost wish I didn't actually have a date set.  this countdown is killing me.
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I guess i am crazy because I can not wait. Even the doctor has remarked on the huge smile on my face as I wait for the scheduled date. The 1st can not come fast enough for me. I am sooooooooo ready.
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Well, for some reason I'm still freaking out. How long does early labor last? This is crazy. I've had diarrhea since Saturday, and last night my contractions were actually strong enough to make me stop walking and coming anywhere from 3-7 min. They only last like 45 sec. though. But I'm starting to have them again right now, which is odd because the routine has been. Wake up at 630am from contractions...have them until about 9am, fall back to sleep until 12ish, no contractions until about 8-9pm. And these are NOT braxton hicks!! They are mainly in my back and hips. and they hurt. I tried eating pineapple yesterday...that clearly didn't work. I also bought raspberry leaf pills...but I'm scared to take them, because I'm scared they will work lol. And once again, I am sooo scared of this whole labor thing!!!! But I know he is coming sooner or later whether I'm ready or not! I've read that the longer your early labor is, usually the shorter your active labor!! ..I know I am dreaming when I say that I hope I'm like 7cm when I go to the hospital haha. Anyways..I'm rambling because I'm freaked. SORRY.
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Wait, what's back labor?
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When you feel the contractions in your back instead of or in addition to in your abdomen....and it's supposed to me much more painful.
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