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Sleeping all the time

Is your baby sleeping all the time? Mine wakes up, cries, eats, then goes right back to bed! She is only awake for 10-15 min at a time then gets fussy to be fed.
Is this normal?
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babies sleep alot for the first few weeks, it helps their brains develop. dont let baby go too long with out a feed during the day though, try to wake them every 3-4 hours for a feed. you could take off some layers of clothes and let them be cool and annoy them to waken up, but chances are it still will not be for too long xo
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Micah did in the beginning, he seems to be awake a lot more now.
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Lachlan is waking every couple of hours overnight and approx every 3 hours in the day. I take some clothes off him so he wakes up on his own.
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He has days when he is sleeping most the day but then other days where he is awake more! :)
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Yes that is very normal. I asked my Ped the same thing. Now he is awake for a hour or 2 before he goes back to sleep sometimes. Very alert and wants to see every thing
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Bryson sleeps through the night and has since coming home. He is up in the morning and sleeps in the afternoon and in the evening. He does not bother to wake for feeding. He whines in his sleep. I love it.
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