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Stopping breast feeding, how to stop milk production

I am finding it too painful to breast feed and am bleeding so the midwife has told me its okay to swap to bottle. The only problem is that I am in extreme agony. My right breast feels like its going to POP.

I am ramifications panadol every couple of hours and putting cold cabbage leaves on it but still in pain.

Anyone know how to stop milk production quickly and painlessly without a trip to the doctors for the pill?
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i just think it takes time, i am the same and all i do is put cold ice packs on them. it will ease in a day or two, just takes a little time to register.xo
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I know exactly what you are going through as I went through the same thing a few weeks ago. I was in TEARS! Sorry to say but there is no easy way, you just have to ride it out. BUT what did help the process along is wrapping up your boobs really tight with a sheet or cut a pillow case in half. Have your husband tie you up and then go to sleep, do this for a few nights and it helps squeeze the milk out. I put cabbage on first and then let him tie me up. You may wake up with a wet sheet but it gets the job done.

OH stop pumping and letting the baby latch or else you will keep making milk.
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