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Hi ladies, just wondering what symptoms everyone is experiencing.  My main one seems to be extreme fatigue at the moment, I've just woken from a nap on the sofa!  (it's late evening here).  Slight breast tenderness and heightened sense of smell.  Minor cramping at night but not during the day.  Oh and headaches :(  

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Yep Bernie I am experiencing all the same symptoms as you! My DH has used the same shower gel for a long time and this morning...ICK! I just didn't like it! Also I do get slight headaches and cramps most of the day. The cramps seem to be subsiding a bit finally but were/are very scary. I walk up the stairs and feel like I just ran a marathon. O and if I even graze my nips..OUCH!!!
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My symptoms so far are exhaustion, cramping on and off not as much as a week ago but it is still there. I have been extremely bloated and nauseous but only when I am hungry which is pretty often lol. Today was my first headache really and I hope it doesn't continue because I don't do well with headaches/migraines.
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Yes agree with the above, defo nackered all the time, boobs very sore, stomach cramps and a very sore back cannot get comfy at night at all and feel sick most of the day complete loss of appetite but a new love for tinned tomatoes on brown bread (the only thing i can eat at the mo)

This is my second pregnancy and symtoms have kicked in a lot earlier than last time (im 7 weeks) seems like this time i felt prego after we had sex! is this your first pregnancies? are your symtoms the same as previous pregnancy?
Emma x
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Well the boob ache started yesterday - OUCH, lol, also indigestion :(  sense of smell is still on high alert, and nothing tastes right.  This is my 8th pregnancy (4 succesful) :)
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This is my 2nd pregnancy I have a son who is 15 months and my symptoms are completely different then they were last time. My right boob is sore on the outside which is weird and didn't happen last time nipples are extremely sensitive. I got tired like right away with this pregnancy and the same with getting hungry. I have nausea every now and then and I had nausea 24/7 starting at 6 weeks with my last pregnancy and I am already six weeks.
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I was lucky enough to have mild to no symptoms with all but my last pregnancy.  With my last pregnancy I had very sore nipples and my bb's ballooned overnight by my fifth week, I also had on and off nausea throughout the day but I wasn't particularly tired.  I remember being very bloated with all of my pregnancies and that's the same this time round but I don't have the sore nipples (thank goodness!).

I really hope you don't have full on nausea throughout this time :-/
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I hope so too :-)
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I share most of the same symptoms all the ladies above. @Tasia32...I thought it was the only one who gets nauseous when I'm hungry....so strange. I have very sore boobs and nips and is alsways completely exhausted. DH and I went for a walk today and I felt like I just completed and hour long zumba classs. (ridiculous :-)). Oh, I also have insomnia. No matter how tired I am, it's hard for me to fall/stay asleep at night.

This is my second pregnancy and will be my first baby. During my short first pregnancy I had extreme morning sickness (all day long). So far none of that this time. Hopefully it won't present itself. :-)
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This is my second pregnancy and the symptoms started on a lot faster than with the first one!  I am nauseated 24/7, sometimes mild and sometimes it's pretty awful.  It started before I took the pregnancy test!  I am also very tired and have increased urination.  Oh, and the other symptom is this strange ache/discomfort in my lower abdomen to the left of my belly button but lower down even w/ my pubic bone.  I am wondering if it's round ligament pain.  I think I had it when I was pregnant w/ my son and I remember worrying about ectopic pregnancy then, so I hope it's nothing serious.  It doesn't really hurt, it's just uncomfortable and it comes and goes depending on my position, sitting, standing, laying down or whatever.  
With my last pregnancy I don't remember feeling sick 'til 8 weeks.  I was really bloated though, at 6 weeks.  No bloating yet this time around.  
It's interesting that all pregnancies are different, even for each person's pregnancy!
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Oh, and being hungry makes me more nauseated too!  LOL  Then, it's hard to eat, but if I don't it'll get worse!
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Ladies I am nauseated 24/7 it started yesterday at 6w 3d and it really *****. It is still worse when I am hungry on my way to work today I began gagging or about to through up and so I got a sandwich ate it and it made the nausea better but I hate it and can't wait for it to stop.
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I feel your pain!  I didn't get nauseated w/ my 1st pregnancy 'til later, like 8 weeks...but this time around it started before I even took the pregnancy test!  No fair!  LOL  It makes me think this one is going to be a girl because I had a boy last time and had different symptoms...but that is my own weird logic. :-)
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