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constant lower abdominal pain

Hi all; I am 13 weeks pregnant now and have been experiencing lower abdominal pain constantly for about 2 days. we saw the doc on monday and he says that all is well with baby and all blood work came back clear. I was just wondering if anybody else is having a constant stretching discomfort in the lower abdominal area? this is our 4 pregnancy, we had 1 successful pregnancy 4 years ago and 2 miscarriages, not sure if this has anything to do with it.
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I have a lot of cramping & abdominal pain too, but it is not constant.  
I am 12 weeks 6 days.

does it lessen when you rest & lay down?  perhaps you are over dooing it?

I have had a miscarriage & one sucessful pregnancy (she is now 5 yrs old)

I remember having a lot of peroid like cramps & streaching pains with my daughter, but I don't remember "when" during the pregnancy.  I also remember pain in the ligaments around the uterus.

When I had my miscarriage, they were SHARP pains, not peroid cramping like.
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I read on that because the abdomin is stretching it causes pain and cramping. I have also readed in some books. I would not worry if you have seen the doctor. Good Luck
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I have the same thing. I actually went in to the doc on Monday just to check the heartbeat b/c I felt the pain.  She told me it was fine and not to worry unless it worsens or other things change.  I to am 12 wks and have had a m/c early this year so I know your feelings or worry.
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Hi same here! I am 11wks 6days today. Good luck & God bless
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Thanks you so much for your replys. cramping seems to worrsen the more i walk around. just think my body was not built for pregnancy and need to take it really easy.

Good Luck to all, and God Bless.
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Please know you are not alone. I am 14 weeks and my little guy is big as far as the ultrasound goes. I had the nt scan and saw him and they said he was a boy, but my thing was he was big and did not stop moving for to long. I can feel my body stretching all the time to accomidate him. Also yesterday I am sure I felt him kicking and it was not pleasant. Oh well we will forget when they are in our arms.
Good Luck
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Hey - just found your post- I wrote similar thing- this feeling in so uncomfortable! and others might say not to worry about it but if I feel pain i'm scared! this is my first baby.
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I also have been having one sided constant lower abdominal pain for quite some time now and doesn't seem to go away even if I rest and its really worrying me. They pain is sometimes sharp and other times mild; and my baby doesn't move like it used to. Its like my belly stopped growing. The only thing am experiencing now is pain, pain and pain.

I wish u well and that nothing is wrong
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