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Anyone else experiencing this

My daughter is 3 weeks old for about a few days now she just wants to be held while awake and asleep at night she does pretty well with sleeping in her bassinet only up to eat but idk how to get her to want to sleep in her bassinet during the day again and it's hard to do anything when she cries if I put get down
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Omg all day my lil man hasn't let me put him down hes 5 weeks xxxx I hate hearing him cry and has real tears when I do put him down xxxx if you find an answer plz share loll xxxx
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Same here with my 4week baby boy (6/07/12)
He sleeps all night .. He sleep next to me plus he hugs me at night...some how he manage  to move really close to me...idk how he does it... I keep pushing him away and when I wake up his right next to me...lol
During the day he drives crazy ...he only wants to be held .. He don't let me do anything ... :(
Yeah..I agree please share...:)
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I feel a lil better I'm not the only one I hope I can find an answer if I do I will share it with y'all I'm thinking of buying those slings or carrier things so I can move around the house and do other things and still have her near
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My son was like that until I put an end to it...lol

I actually have a "Moby Wrap" that I had bought when I had my daughter and I put him in it and when he falls asleep I put him in his crib. I also found that the bouncer really helped him sleep. You can try sleeping your baby on a really soft pillow so that they feel they are being hugged. You can also try swaddling your baby. I know how difficult it is to have a baby that wants to be held all day.

My problem right now is that he only wants to sleep in my bed at night. As soon as I put him in his crib he cries. When he's in my bed he has to feel me next to him or he'll cry. At night I'm too exhausted so I just give in to his needs!!
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Omg ive been going nuts on online forums and websites! My girl is 3 weeks. She wakes up at about 9 and lays happy on the floor from then till about 12. That is the only time i can put her down. Even when she falls asleep i cant put her on the floor, swing, bassinet, our bed. Im literally holding her all day, i cant even go the loo without her screaming. Its all normal ive been told. Which i didnt think it was and i was getting so frustrated. I was worried about causing bad habbits and making her really clingy. But you cant spoil a newborn and they get better around 12 weeks ive been told. My girl wont even sleep anywhere except our bed at night so we are co sleeping. Which i didnt wanna do. But i need sleep. And ive learnt its actually popular these days. Im going to buy one of those slings to wear. So i can atleast hang the washing out n stuff. Lol. It takes me 2 hours just to make n eat lunch. But i was getting so frustrated. Its good to know its completely normal.
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A couple websites that helped me understand a few things about newborn sleep and behaviour patterns. If the addresses get blocked out and your interested just inbox me :)
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Have you ladies tried WHITE NOISE? It's meditation melodies that suppose to calm and make you sleepy. My daughter has been fighting her naps lately, I knw she is tired but fights it...no matter what I did she wouldn't sleep. I was left frustrated and tired. I read an article someone tried with their newborn and it helped. I tried on Tuesday, and let me tell you IT WORKED! My daughter is taking a nap since 11 am and it's 1 pm and she is still sleeping as I type this. The melodies are so soothing it put me to sleep the other day, ladies give it a try, it really doesn't hurt to try.

All the best to you all....
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oh lordy, lol. my girl is 17 days and only sleeps in her boppy pillow or on my chest right now. its soo frustrating.
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I went back to the doctor two days ago and she said there is no reason she shouldnt be settled after a feed and i should be able to put her down. She said she isnt getting enough feed. Even though shes put weight on, it just wasnt filling her. She is 4 weeks today and ive struggled since day one breast feeding. Was a tough upsetting decision but ive decided to give a formula bottle at night before bed. The last two nights and days i have a different baby! I can not believe it. For the first time ever she slept in her bassinet. First night she slept 9 till 2 then a feed, then straight back to sleep, feed at 5 and then straight to sleep till 1030am. Last night she went 10pm till 5am! And during the day yesterday i only picked her up to change her nappy :( lol. She was happy all day. I cleaned my whole house and did three loads of washing. Lets hope it sticks!
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no fair! lol. ive been trying the formula bottle at night to make sure shes full and happy. if i lay her in her bassinet, she sleeps for (maybe) 20 min then screams. if i put her in her boppy pillow inside her playpen bassinet, she sleeps for maybe an hr. if i put her in the boppy on the couch in living room then lay at the other end of couch, she'll sleep for 3-4 hours, wake to eat then back to sleep for another 3-4 hrs. i dont understand the difference in sleeping in her boppy on the couch or in the playpen bassinet. but somehow she knows shes not on the couch and hates it. i wonder if theres a different temperature or smell or sound that she doesnt recognize in my room.
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My baby loves the car seat thats the only place where sometimes he could fall  during the day ...(his 5 weeks & 2 days) he sleep almost all night..
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