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FTM - at the end!

I am 39w tomorrow, FTM!  I have had no indication of any labor, that I'm aware of...my OB hasn't done any exams saying it's not worth my discomfort until I'm at 40 wks, so I don't know if physically my body is getting ready.  I really thought last night was going to be the night - I was increasingly antsy all day at work and could not get comfortable at home, with a sore back, and felt very warm and restless.  But nada!

Otherwise, here and there I get PMS type tightening/mild cramps from hip to hip.  It makes me a bit uncomfortable - like I want to stretch or massage it.  They don't last long - maybe 1-2 minutes and happen at all random times, most often at night.  I've been having them more often now - like every other day, and now sometimes during the day.  Could these be Braxton Hicks?

Also I haven't had any real sign of losing my mp.  There were times I thought I was leaking fluid as after I'd pee, I'd notice my underwear would have wet stains, but my sonos have shown my amniotic fluid is intact and fine.  One day this week, I (barely) noticed 2 very small pieces of thick whitish discharge.  I'm talking like the size of a pencil tip and the color/consistency of the discharge around ovulation.  I read that your mp doesn't have to come out all at once and doesn't have to be bloody, so could this be a start?
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Once your full term, past 37 weeks, they are just called contractions. That's crazy that they don't check you!!! You are at the start of labor. Mention it to your doc, and have her check. When they get closer and closer together, every 5, 4, 3, minutes, time to fly over to the hospital. LOL. Good luck, keep us posted.
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I agree...have them check you...tell them its for your peace of mind and sanity if nothing else. Personally I think of it like getting to see that you are making some progress helps to calm you down and make life a little more bearable at the end of the pregnancy. Youre working toward a huge goal...it's nice to know if your body is changing when you can't see the changes. Good luck...all I can say about contractions is the cliche of you will know when theyre real and when its time...you won't be able to talk thru them or think or walk when its the real thing...
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