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really bad itchy skin on lower legs?

i have really bad itchy lower legs and have done for about 5 years now and it started when i was pregnant with my son who is now 5 years old. its a constant itch that i cant help but scratch :( its that bad that i scratch souch that my legs will start to bleed then scab over and some days are worse than others. it also happens at night where i just wake up just to scratch, when i do scratch so much dried skin falls of my legs its unreal. iv jad creams and even exfoliatin pads thats like sand paper and the amount of skin that comes off me is horrid :( it comes out in rashes sometimes even little lumps and it only appears on my lower legs i occasionally itch on my arms and back but nothing as bad as my legs, my legs are such a state that i gey a burnin feelin when i go in the bath or sometimes even touch it. my itchyness tends to be getting worse again now im pregnant again but iv had it since my first pregnancy 5 years ago, iv been to my docs several times n all he said was exzma "/ but iv looked up on soo many forums what it could be n closiest thing iv found what has all the same symtoms in atopic exzma but dosnt say if it can be caised by pregancy "/ so im very unsure what this could be, its driving me mad now because i cant even be outside without scratchin :( its horriable i have to wear leggins under jeans and trousers just to try and prevent scratchin so hard to stop my legs drom bleeding and sometimes it gets that bad that i have once even got a blunt stanley blade to scratch my legs and even that sid t stop the itching "/ i cant understamd what it could be n of ots anything to do with pregnancy "/ has anyone else ever experienced this?
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I have had super itchy skin especially on my lower legs since as far back as I can remember, but not really due to pregnancy.
There are some things I can suggest you do to help with the itching, hope it helps you! Sure stinks to wake up itching and to have bleeding sore legs!!
You might ask you doc about a cream steroid call Clobetasol, it is like a magic cream! LOVE that stuff!!! Also something that has really helped me, using a milder soap, get something natural from a natural food store, some good brands are Natures Gate and Dr. Bromer's, or even Tom's of Main, try to get one that has lavender in it, it is wonderful for skin issues even eczema. And also get a thick lotion that again is natural and find one that has oats in it, I love Natures Gate oat lotion. Make sure you apply the lotion often especially right before bed. Try to avoid long hot baths and showers, as it is so drying to your skin. Drink plenty of water and start taking a supplement that has fish oil and flax seed oil in it, that also helps a ton!
Hope that helps you out some!!! Believe me, I have had such dry dry skin for pretty much my whole life and I live in dry Colorado!
Take care and much luck with your pregnancy!!!
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yes you habe no idea how much that has helped i havent heard of any of them stuff but i no what to look out for now i have tried allsorts and nothing has woeked so il look out for those :) thank you sooo much. my mum wprks i  a pharmacy aswell so i can ask her to fetch me some back i will do anuthing to atop it iv been to the docs several times and they give me the same stuff eben tho iv told them that the stuff they prescribe me dosnt work "/ so took the mattet into my own hands i believe iv got something called atopic exzma "/ its a type of exzma that only happens on certain parts of the body, legs being the 1 of the most common. so will give them ago n im from south yorkshire, england lool xx
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