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Workout support group...motivators?

Hi ladies!!! So I started out sooo well working out on my first month ... That was before my energy took a real slip and the nausea took over. So I'm on week 10, 1st pregnancy and nausea is somewhat controllable, at least enough to get back on the workout wagon. I'm wondering if anyone else has any desire to workout. I soooo badly need motivation and I really miss working out. Also Just found out that I've added 6lbs already and I'm not yet even done with my 1st trimester yet. Well, anyways just want to see if anyone else is looking for similar motivation, we can check in every once in a while to encourage each other.
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Me! Me!! Lol I am sooooo trying to get back in the gym I'm 12 weeks tomorrow I've Gaines about 7 lbs :( ugh!!! Lol
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You ladies are so lucky to have gained the weight...im losing weight. Although i cant do exercise now due to my weight loss, im trying to do squats and dumbells these days...
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I been somewhat keeping the workout but not as much. This week I only worked out twice. I deff need more motivation! I used to wake up at 5:30 4x week before pregnancy to work out, now barely at 6:15 and some weeks only work out 3 or 2 days....I put on 9 pounds and I'm 13&3 days! Ahhh worried I may gain too much weight
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I was wondering if it is safe to workout while being pregnant I already have gained a lot of weight and I am only 14weeks I just starting going to the gym and then I found out I was pregnant so I stopped I'm already overweight and I am worried about gaining to much weight and not being able to lose it!
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Talk to your doctor. It's safe but also depends on your prior level of fitness. I worked out before pregnancy and I'm still doing it now just a little less intense. I'm more tired so I don't even go as much as I used to. If you have never worked out is probably best to stick to walking. And walking really does wonders, that's how I started working out. In any case you need to discuss with doctor first!
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My workouts suffered in the first trimester due to being so tired and nauseous. I  the kind of person that when o stop working out, I put on a few pounds quickly. So even before pregnancy weight, I felt like I gained a few right off the bat due to slowing my workouts. I am certified in TaeBo and also rode a bicycle a lot - I had to give up the bicycle (due to risk of falling) and even when I felt well enough to go to TaeBo class, my intensity was down. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel - at 14w2d I  am feeling MUCH better and had the best workout so far of my pregnancy. Looking forward to hopefully having more energy and enjoying my workouts more and more!
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I need some motivation !!!! I'm 11 weeks today and ive actually been loosing weight this is my second child. I didnt loose my " baby fat " with my first one so I definitely dont want the same results with this one. What are some safe but effective workouts that I can do any suggestions ?
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From what I have read, Swimming and walking are safe options and can at least keep you on track to being healthy and delivery ready. A stationary bike is good too. I can't do either of these unfortunately and that frustrates me. I used to workout at home pre-pregnancy using  body weight and videos. I was the fittest I have been in years, more than when I went to the gym. I also used to walk from work 1 hr 30 mins, but  now that it's winter, it's not an option. Too cold, windy and often slippery. Urggh! I took on spinning last year and was hoping to buy a spinning bike, but then realized that it would take up too much space at home. Anyway, I'm going to try waking up at 6 tomorrow to workout, an hour before I start getting ready for work. I hope I don't make any more excuses and that my nausea doesn't stop me. I guess I really needed to see that others are in the same boat, hopefully that'll motivate me to start and stick to it. Let's keep encouraging each other. I'll post again tomorrow to let you know if I actually succeeded in starting the workout.That should hold me accountable!
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Ok so is only got to walk a bit today. 20 minutes . But it's a start. Keep it going ladies!!
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