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birth plans!

My new doctor gave me a birth plan template. It was so precise, like down to the lighting of the room! I'm not that picky, lol, I just don't want drugs offered to me every time I have a contraction!
What are ya'll putting together for your birth plan?
I know my doc asked me about vacuum or forcep assistance as opposed to a c-section (if necessary). I never really thought about any of that.
I'm just curious as to what specifics you guys have, maybe some things I wasn't aware of.
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I'm not doing a birth plan. This is my 4th kid and I tend to just go with the flow.
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I have two simple requests, 1 is that baby gets cleaned off before being placed on me because I have a thing about getting my hands dirty lol and the 2nd is that they wait for the placenta to let go and not pull it out forcefully. I don't have any labour requests because labour is so unpredictable, you have no idea what will happen or how you will feel. I suppose the only other thing for me is no pain meds but I am sure I will give in to laughing gas again lol
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From my experience labour doesn't ever go to plan. So all I have said is that I want my boyfriend to cut the cord, and for us to have time alone after the babies here. Everything else I will make that decision when the time comes.
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I am also just going to go with the flow.  I have expressed that i would like to have a drug free birth but that i am open to change that since every birth is different. It worked out well with my first.  I just didnt want to be disappointed if everything didnt go exactly to plan.
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Me if ever I have CSec, I want my husband to do the skin2skin contact. And that if its a natural delivery, I want the cord to stop pulsating before it gets cut so baby will get the remaining cord blood
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When do we do the birth plan? Im 34 weeks tmr
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I suggest making of list of the things you DON'T want by priority. At the top of my list was a c-section, then foreseps, then epesiotomy, then vaccuum, then epidural, then pitocin. It's far less disappointing then listing all of the things you DO want and then not getting them.

So with my first, I had everything I didn't want except the c-section and foreceps. But I wasn't disappointed becasue at least I avoided the c-section. With my second I was able to do a completely natural birth with no interventions - again, just as happy with my delivery. With my third I ended up needing a c-section because he was 11 lbs and breach. At that point, I didn't care how he came out as long as he was OUT! lol

The point is, I feel that birth plans usually just end up disappointing you because NOTHING ever goes by the plan. Make informed decisions, but don't overthink every little detail. By the time you're in full blown labor you won't give a rats *** about the lighting in the room - trust me!
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Whats epesiotomy?
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An episiotomy is when they cut you so you don't tear.
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Agree completely with Heather! Just keep an open mind that no matter how your baby gets brought into the world you did your job!  
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